Reviewed: Pros And Cons Of The Hot Yoga Trend

Health, fitness, and wellness are top priorities these days and hence the reason behind why the fitness industry is becoming the biggest one yet. Ranging from the traditional idea of a gym workout to weight-loss facilities and now there are so many trendsetting modern and innovative programs that are starting to catch on. For instance, hot yoga is one of the new and creative ways that are catching on; although yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, hot yoga is becoming a more chic and stylish way to work out. Basically, hot yoga is done under high temperatures that are usually maintained at around 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit or 35-38 degrees Celsius, which is pretty much the hotter days during summer, those days that we are more inclined to stay in air-conditioned rooms and sip that ice cold smoothie to cool down. BUT! No, that is not trendy!

Reviewed: Pros & Cons Of The Hot Yoga Trend

Hot yoga is supposed to have “detoxifying” and weight loss benefits. Is it factually proven or a myth?

Well, if you are going to have a crazy night out and drink your sobriety away and want to recover from all the toxins from your alcohol consumption by sweating it all out, that is not what detoxifying actually means. Hot yoga is not for those who are in need of a quick fix because you will be disappointed. Hot yoga is detoxifying in a slow and systematic way that you need to commit to over the long haul, just like how you would need to stick to a clean healthy diet for weight loss. According to research, it has shown that yoga at 40C improves blood flow within two months of regular attendance and that saunas itself are great for blood vessels and may help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

However, hot yoga might not be as detoxifying and cleansing, as the hype would want you to think.

Sweating from the heat might be detoxifying for your skin and will help you get that smooth and glowing skin, but your overall bodily toxins actually required your liver and kidney functions to get the job done, not through sweating and your diet plays a huge role in detoxifying too. So it’s definitely not a one way street. Also, if you’re prone to dizziness or have high blood pressure, then hot yoga might not be as safe, and hydration after your work out is important. If you are intrigued to try out the trendsetting workout, start slow, listen to your body, and stop when you are feeling overwhelmed and make sure you keep hydrated. The more you practice hot yoga, the better your body will be able to tolerate the heat as it will become more accustomed to working out under overheated conditions.

Bottom line is, everyone is different and our level of healthiness varies, for some this would sound like such a relaxing workout and you can reap the benefits, however, for those who cannot handle the heat that well, then I’m not sure how you will work out under the excessive heat and still feel great afterwards.

Reviewed: Pros & Cons Of The Hot Yoga Trend

Some people who have tried hot yoga are divided in their opinions

Some say it is a great stress reliever and others consider it a mental and physical challenge, which can be both a pro or a con. The concept of hot yoga is appealing for those who like to experiment and wants to stay on trend just like cryotherapy were advertised to be effective for weight loss and the hype died down not long after. Personally, I don’t think I can de-stress under such humid, sweaty and hot conditions while trying to keep my breathing and balance in synchronisation at the same time. That, I would definitely find challenging and not at all a stress reliever. However, if you are looking for ways to challenge your body then you definitely should give hot yoga a chance to prove itself!

Reviewed: Pros & Cons Of The Hot Yoga Trend

Hot yoga is more effective than regular yoga

One for sure benefit of practicing hot yoga is the heat will allow you to increase your flexibility. It is true that your muscles are more relaxed and flexible when they’re warmed up, hence why people stretch and warm up their bodies before any weight-lifting. So, based on this idea, hot yoga will get your muscles all warmed up without even having to move a finger. Not only does it increase your flexibility, but also improves your circulation. Your circulation is affected when your muscles are tense, which decreases the speed of oxygen and nutrients to move through your body properly. Because your flexibility is increased why practicing hot yoga, your muscles are much looser and more relaxed which improves your circulation.

Reviewed: Pros & Cons Of The Hot Yoga Trend

If you have tried hot yoga before what are your thoughts on this trendy workout? And for those who are new to this, are you with this trend and would you want to give it a try?

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