8 Retro Food Recipes That Would Never Be Made Today

Take a look at these retro food recipes that used to be made and probably would not be made very often or at all today! They are retro and filling!

Twinkies, Crystal Pepsi, and Crunchy M&M’s are all popular food items that have made successful comebacks after falling out of style. Some food however, deserve to stay in the past. These are 8 retro food recipes that would never be made today!

1. Snow Cap Spread

Think this is just a whipped cream covered cake? Think again! How was this 1960 recipe even created? Who decided that deviled meat would look good if it was molded into a cake. The instructions for this “batter” calls for 2 cans of Underwood Deviled Ham and minced onion. The topping is created with copious amounts of cream cheese, sour cream, and mustard! This is one of the true retro food recipes!

retro food recipesretro food recipesretro food recipesretro food recipes

2. Beef Fudge

Hmmm what. At first glance, this meal looks like brownie snack– but nope! This recipe from the 1967 Poll-Ette Hostess Cookbook mixes sweet and savory in an unthinkable combination. To create this dish you need to combine ingredients like marshmallow fluff, chocolate chips, walnuts, and ground roast beef. Try it out if you want to prank a few friends! This is one of the really old-school retro food recipes!

retro food recipes

3. Californian Jello Ring

The 60’s are notorious for weird jello, recipes, but the outward appearance of the Californian Jello Ring isn’t doing it any favors! This brown,sewage looking creation creates alot of questions. Why prunes? Why jello? Why is it called Californian? Some things are better left unanswered. The main ingredient of this dish is you guessed it– prunes and gelatin. But wait, there’s more! Scoops of vanilla ice cream topped off with even more prunes decorate the center of this ghastly creation. Yuck!

retro food recipes

4. “Pie-Plate” Salad

Again, the 60’s and jello were a weird time in culinary history. This “Pie Plate” Salad recipe was made to advertise the Veg-All canned vegetables, which means somewhere along the line, some ad executive thought this would be the perfect recipe people should be enjoying in their homes. This plate is made up lemon gelatine mixed with canned veggies, chilled and then “frosted” with tartar sauce. Yum.

retro food recipes

5. Tongue Mold

Appetite=gone.The gelatine trend continues with this outrageous dish! Tongue Mould is made with boiled cow tongue, sliced and suspended in clear gelatin, garnished with tomatoes and parsley! It’s bound to be an interesting texture party in your mouth!

retro food recipes6. Salmon Crusty

This 1939 recipe is advertised as a “feasting for the price of an ordinary meal”. More does not always mean better. I think we’ll pass. Salmon Crusty is made with 4 cups of chopped salmon and a sea of peas canned drowned in a mystery yellow sauce. At least the dish kind of looks like a lake or small resevoir? This is another one of the main retro food recipes.

retro food recipes

7. Carnival Cream

Why eat normal cupcakes, when you can grab some ketchup, heavy cream, maraschino cherries and make this special treat instead! This Heinz approved recipe is made by mixing the ketchup, heavy cream,eggs, sugar and freezing until firm.

retro food recipes

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8. Cottage Cheese Tuna Salad

Just because something can be made, doesn’t mean it should.Take the totally unnecessary recipe for Cottage Cheese Tuna Salad, which was advertised as “the cool, thrifty, easy way to get the energy you need for summer!’ This retro entree is made using lime gelatine, vinegar, cottage cheese, celery, tuna, onion, and mayo. Just… why?

retro food recipes

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