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10 Restaurants You Need To Go In Springfield, Massachusetts

10 Restaurants You Need To Go In Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield, Massachusetts has a lot going on and it can be very hard to pick from when you want to eat! You should be able to find a great restaurant, but with so many to choose from, the list just goes on and on. When you’re going to a city that you know nothing about, it’s important to know the best spots! To help with the struggle, these are 10 restaurants you’ll want to go to while you’re here!

1. Frontera Grill

This Mexican restaurant is a happy surprise when you first order here. The burritos made here are the size of your face which isn’t an exaggeration. Any Mexican dish you’ll have will not compare to what you’ll get at this fine establishment. Just walking into this restaurant will set you up for a great meal with free chips and salsa! And the drinks are great and will never disappoint! 

10 Restaurants You Need To Go In Springfield, Massachusetts


2. UNO Pizzeria & Grill

You’ll never have a bad experience at Uno’s. This restaurant has two locations in Springfield and both of them are amazing. The side salads are great and everything is made to order like it should be. One location is within walking distance to MGM Springfield, a casino, and the other is near a movie theater and mall which is great for a dinner and movie date! 

3. Hot Table

Although closed on Sunday, this panini restaurant has great sandwiches, soups, and salads. This is one of the best places to go in the fall when it’s a little chilly and you need warm food! This restaurant is great for days where cooking is not an option and you want some easy and fast food before or after classes! 


There are two locations in Springfield and they receive a lot of traffic, but they do have online ordering, which makes it easier to grab and go for those who don’t have time to wait in line.

4. Sophia’s Pizza

Sophia’s is the best if you are looking for a restaurant that doesn’t have a lot on their menu. This makes it so easy to order! There is also a bar you can sit at and have a couple of drinks and watch whatever sport that happens to be on that night. This restaurant is located right next to Western New England University, which makes this a great spot to hang out and get some really good food!

This place is priced well and is very fast so you are not waiting forever for your food! This restaurant may be small but the small ones always have great food!


5. Red Rose Pizzeria

You’ll never want to go to The Olive Garden after one visit to the amazing Italian restaurant in the heart of Springfield. There is so much to choose from with nothing to complain about. Their pizza is to-die-for, as well as there pasta dishes! You’ll want to go home and watch a movie after the meal you’ll have here! 

The one thing you will want to do is grab a bigger size pant on the way home because you’ll want to unbutton your pants after this dinner! This is one restaurant in Springfield that you’ll want to try!


10 Restaurants You Need To Go In Springfield, Massachusetts

6. White Hut Kitchen

This restaurant speaks for itself. This small establishment over the bridge and close to the Big E has a simple menu but it’s great for people just looking for a quick bite to eat! This place has great prices and always serves to please. 

You won’t want to miss this little restaurant. Especially when you get something at the Big E where they make a special double cheeseburger, bacon, in a waffle bun! If you’re looking for a restaurant that has a very minimalist menu, this is the place to go!


7. Paddy’s Irish Pub

This Pub, though not a restaurant, is right next to Peppa’s Pizza, which makes Paddy’s a great place to eat and have a slice of an amazing pizza! From beer to pizza, what more could you possibly need? This pub has great music and staff with events going on every day! there is a patio which is nice place to sit in the summertime and to watch the leaves change during fall! 

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8. Peppas Pizza

As stated above, this is right next to a great pub with patio seating! You won’t believe you missed this the last time you were here! Mac and cheese pizza is a must if you go! This place has so much to offer you won’t know where to start or how to finish!

This small pizza shop is in the best place for those who need a quick pick up and those who are having a long night of studying! It is the best place to walk to and grab a slice for a break!

10 Restaurants You Need To Go In Springfield, Massachusetts


9. 906 Homwin Chinese Restaurant

This Chinese spot is one of the best in Springfield. With delivery, this is great for college students who need a little pick me up late at night. It’s the Lomien from here is amazing! It makes you crave their Chinese food the next week when you need another pick me up! When you think about Chinese food, this is the place you must order from!

A good Chinese restaurant comes few and far between and this is a good one that offers great delivery times and food expectations!

10. Tokyo Asian Cuisine

This amazing restaurant is the best for couples night and when you have multiple couples going. This brings the whole hibachi experience to the next level. The atmosphere is so inviting! You’ll be treated so well here. The drinks are a whole experience on their own! You won’t want to miss this opportunity!


I hope this helped you find your new favorite restaurant in this lovely city! There are so many places to discover and these are some of the best found around Springfield, Massachusetts!

What were some of your favorites? Do you have more amazing restaurants to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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