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25 Restaurants With Student Discounts You Didn’t Know About

25 Restaurants With Student Discounts You Didn’t Know About

Student life is expensive. If you're dying to eat something other than dining hall food, check out these restaurants with student discounts to save.

Being in college is obviously expensive–even before you get to paying off your loans. Between food, books and supplies (not to mention drinks!) it can add up pretty quick. If you’re already feeling the stress of a draining bank account, you’ll be happy to hear the news: there are SO many restaurants with student discounts. If you have a college ID, you’re in luck. Here are 25 restaurants with student discounts to brighten your lunch hour.

1. Dunkin Donuts

If you’re like every college student in the Northeast, you live on Dunks. Your caffeine fix just got a little sweeter. At participating locations, you can get 10% off your order if you flash your card.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

Famous for their wings and brews, now you can go watch the games with your buds for a little less. If you ask, you can get 10% off at most sites!


3. Denny’s

Bacon, eggs and a side of savings. Denny’s will give you 15% off if you’re military, an AARP member, or–you guessed it–a college student.

4. Taco Bell

Say what you want about the tex-mex fast food joint. I personally can’t get enough of the cheesy goodness. And now, with the 10% student discount, I can get even more.

5. Arby’s

Those curly fries will be 10% more delicious with this discount. Free food (or at least, more free) always tastes better, am I right?


6. Subway

Finally a slightly healthy choice makes an appearance! Subway has long been hailed as the healthy alternative to fast food. Now, the tradition of healthy being pricey can be contested. At participating locations, you can get 10% off with a student ID.

7. Starbucks

Not a Dunks drinker? Don’t fret. While Starbucks doesn’t have discounts specifically for students, signing up for their rewards program can save you a ton in the long run.

8. Burger King

A classic burger joint just got a little better. These already cheap sandwiches get a little cheaper with that 10% discount.


9. Dominos

If you’re paying attention, you can save big on your weekly pizza binge. Dominos doesn’t have a consistent student deal, but every once in a while they offer miracles. Their most recent 30% off for students deal stands as proof.

10. Dairy Queen

Grill & Chill for 10% less green. The famous ice cream joint allows your wallet some wiggle room with their 10% discount for students.

11. Waffle House

Denny’s isn’t the only spot to grab your breakfast fix! Waffle house can also serve you right with 10% off at participating locations.


12. Hard Rock Cafe

Here’s an actual restaurant to add to the list of restaurants with student discounts. This classic joint has an entire discounted menu for those of you carrying an international student identity card.

13. Chick-fil-A

Students drink free at participating Chick-fil-A’s. No more getting a water cup to save money! Sweet!

14. Del Taco

If Taco Bell isn’t your speed (or their isn’t one in your neighborhood) there is still a mex-mix fix for you. Del Taco hands out free milkshakes for your birthday!


15. Pizza Hut

Don’t stress if Dominos isn’t your fave. Pizza Hut offers anywhere from a 10 to a 20% student discount depending on the location.

16. Krispy Kreme

Yay for more donuts! Krispy Kreme will hook you up with a free donut when you sign up for Friends of Krispy Kreme.

17. Chipotle

When you buy your meal the drink comes free for students at Chipotle. Nothing goes better with soda than burritos!

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18. Qdoba

What’s better than a free drink? A free drink and a five dollar burrito meal, of course! Qdoba keeps up the tradition of competition with Chipotle.

19. Red Robin

Free. Gourmet. Burger. Just sign up for their Royalty Club. Need I say more?


20. Buca di Beppo

Slowing it down from the fast food, we have Buca di Beppo. 10% off at participating locations lets you afford a nice Italian evening.

21. McDonald’s

Set your sights on the golden arches. You can get 10% off your already affordable meal. Who needs the dollar menu when you can make it the 90 cent menu?!

22. TCBY

The Country’s Best Yogurt is a little sweeter when you get a whopping 15% off at participating locations.


23. Papa John’s

More pizza! Yum. Like the other pizza places, Papa John’s has rather inconsistent deals. But you can still get anywhere from 10 to 20% off depending on what location you frequent!

24. Kroger

Deli sandwiches aren’t the most glamorous, but they can treat you a little better with 5% off for students at certain locations

25. Shoney’s

Southerners don’t need to be left out! Shoney’s offers a 15% student discount at participating locations.


What are your favorite restaurants with student discounts? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!