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Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You’re Feeling Lazy

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You’re Feeling Lazy

Sometimes walking and going to get food is just too difficult, so knowing the places that deliver to your school is very important. Emerson is right in the heart of Boston, meaning there are an infinite amount of places that deliver right to your dorm if you are feeling lazy! Here’s a list of our favorite places that deliver to Emerson!

1. Sweetgreen

Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy at college but Sweetgreen makes that task possible! They have so many options that you can enjoy while also getting those nutrients in. They have salads, chicken bowls, and even make-your-own bowls. You can customize everything from the base to the dressing depending on your taste buds.

The best part about Sweetgreen is that you can get it delivered right to your dorm door. GrubHub allows you to order absolutely anything off the menu and then it will be in your hand within the hour. Next time you’re hungry for dinner, make sure you check out Sweetgreen. Delivery fees won’t run you short either, especially because GrubHub always has fun promotions and giveaways!

Restaurants That Delivery To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

2. Chipotle

If there’s one thing that every college student or person in general loves, it’s Chipotle. No matter if you are a burrito or bowl person, Chipotle hit’s the spot every time.

Lucky for Emerson students, it’s right around the block! If you are feeling lazy and don’t want to walk up the street to grab your dinner, you can get it delivered. Postmates really comes in handy when it comes to getting your feast on, so order up!

And don’t feel bad about ordering that extra guacamole, Emerson is in the prime location, so delivery fees won’t break the bank!

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

3. Blaze Pizza

Pizza is arguably the best deliverable food on the planet. Blaze Pizza not only has the option to be delivered right to your doorstep, but is also entirely customizable so you can make all your pizza dreams come true!

Their topping options extend from classic pepperoni to spicy jalapeƱos. You can add one or a thousand toppings, whatever floats your boat! You can also get some amazing garlic knots to go with your pizza, and grab a nice warm brownie or cookie too.

Blaze delivers form Postmates or UberEats, so it’s easily accessible and can be delivered just in time for dinner.

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

4. J.P. Licks

When it’s late at night and all you want is a delicious dessert, J.P. Licks has the solution for you! Lucky for Emerson students, their close location to campus makes delivery not only accessible but also super cheap.

J.P. Licks is available on lots of different delivery platforms like DoorDash and Postmates, so whichever app you prefer, you can definitely get some delicious dessert! J.P. Licks is also open pretty late at night, so if you need a sweet midnight snack- you know who to hit up.

As far as their menu goes, there are so many options for you to choose from. Whether you love classic chocolate or vanilla ice cream or outlandish flavors like peanut butter brownie batter, J.P. Licks has anything for you! They also have lots of dairy-free and sorbet options if you prefer those, too!

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

5. The Cheesecake Factory

Sometimes when you want something to eat, you have trouble deciding exactly what you want. Not all places have extensive menus either, which makes it all the harder. That’s where The Cheesecake Factory comes in!

If you want appetizers like sliders or mac and cheese bites, they have got you covered. Or if you want a full meal, you can order anything from pizzas to pasta to salads, or anything in between. There are endless options depending on the time of day and what you are in the mood for!

Of course, an order from The Cheesecake Factory is never complete without a slice of cheesecake to finish off your meal. No matter what kind of cheesecake you are in the mood for, The Cheesecake Factory has got it for you. From Oreo to classic to peanut butter, you will be satisfied after a delicious meal and dessert.

The best part is they deliver on DoorDash, and their close location to Emerson means you will get your meal in a decent amount of time.

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Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

6. Shake Shack

Everyone loves a good burger, and they taste even better when you don’t have to walk anywhere to get them! Shake Shack is the prime burger and fries joint with so many locations around the city.

Postmates will bring those burgers right to Emerson in a short delivery window. You’ll be enjoying your burgers and fries and even a milkshake in absolutely no time! They also have vegetarian options too if you prefer that, or even chicken burgers if you want to switch things up.

There’s no shortage of good food on Shake Shack’s menu so rack up those delivery points and treat yourself to something yummy.

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

7. The Paramount

If you are in the mood for a yummy breakfast but it’s too early to get out of bed; Postmates can solve your problem! The Paramount offers delivery through the Postmates app, so you can have bacon and eggs or french toast in your stomach before you know it.

The best part is the delivery fee is only ninety-nine cents! You can get your breakfast delivered for less than one dollar! You won’t feel guilty for ordering an extra side of bacon with your pancakes when the delivery fee is that cheap.

Make sure you bring some friends to feast with you, too. You’ll defiantly have plenty of breakfast to go around, and you’ll be left hoping that you could eat food from The Paramount for every meal.

Restaurants That Deliver To Emerson When You're Feeling Lazy

There are so many places around Boston and Emerson’s campus that deliver food right to your door. We all have lazy days, so knowing who to turn to for a delicious meal is key. What’s your favorite food? What restaurant that delivers to your dorm is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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