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Restaurants That Deliver In Chicago When You’re Feeling Lazy

Restaurants That Deliver In Chicago When You’re Feeling Lazy

Worrying if a restaurant delivers is so 2014. Digital food delivery services feed our lazy appetites, and none of us have problems with that. I’ve chosen 10 uniquely Chicago eateries that deliver. Hurry up and clear your couch, coffee table or comforter… It’s dinner time. I did the research for ya: if any of my ten do not deliver to your door, one of the popular delivery apps will.


If you don’t like pizza, you’re gonna have to scroll down pretty far. Chicago is the best place in the states to order pizza for delivery. Why get all dressed up when you can eat pizza half-naked and walk ten steps to bed? Giordano’s is one of Chicago’s classic pizzerias. A Giordano’s pizza will have a more soft and doughy crust than other famous pizzerias you’ll find in Chicago. Giordano’s also carries more cheese on its slices than your usual pizzeria. Although eating your pizza will be a messy experience, there will be no tastes left behind.

My Advice: Don’t buy a beer because it’ll take up the space in your stomach designed for pizza.


Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Chicagoans will say their favorite deep dish is from Lou’s or Gino’s East. I won’t dispute their claims. Lou’s crust is a key component to my favorite deep dish slice. Lou’s has a cornmeal crust. Crunchy. Put-together. Not saggy. Not foldable. The sauce? Lou Malnati’s limits the liquid in its tomato sauce. You will find a more chunky sauce that does not drip back onto your plate as much as Giordano’s does. One subtle difference Lou Malnati’s deep dish will have amongst its peers is their implementation of sausage. You will find flat slices of sausage underneath the sauce instead of the usual crumbles other restaurants offer.


Pizzeria Uno

Buy a thin crust cheese pizza at Pizzeria Uno and listen for the sauce to touch your brain. Your unrestrained mouth open to verbally comment on the bold sweetness of the pizza sauce. Oh, and wait! You won’t get this sauce at the Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford, NY or any other imitation Pizzeria Uno tries to sell you.

Ranalli’s Pizza

They deliver until 10:30PM and have pizza not as famous as the aforementioned joints, but good nonetheless. What you order at Ranalli’s will be the braided crust. The braided crust only comes in a thin crust. It’s no Domino’s cheesy or garlic bread crust: no Pizza Hut cheesy bites pizza crust. Ranalli’s is above that. The braided thin crust pizza is an artisan rolled, well roasted, dough edge that hugs your teeth until it’s time for you to move onto a warmer slice and do it all over again.


Is He Done With Pizza? Not Yet: Gino’s East

Flaky crust, rich amounts of cheese and sweet pizza sauce. When you go to Gino’s, you go for the deep dish. As “The Original”, Gino’s devised the blueprint for deep dish pizza. Pretty is not the word that describes a Gino’s East slice. Sure, it looks good all put together in a pan. But once your slice is removed from that one of a kind creation, the hot mess you call Original Chicago deep dish will fall all over your hands. Dig in and order from the warmth of Gino’s oven to your own lap.

Hub 51

Ok, we’re changing up the pace now. Hub 51 offers higher class food than a classic Chicago ‘za. Hub 51 is the first restaurant I took my girlfriend to meet my parents at. Its where my bosses take the entire office to for special occasions. Hub 51 is a nice place. With a mixture of Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, including American classics, Hub 51’s menu is very relatable. It is also vegan and vegetarian friendly. It’s also amazing to visit in real life.


House Of Hunan

House of Hunan has been a family tradition for us. Located in Lincoln Park, House of Hunan is a modestly priced Chinese joint that delivers late. If you’re outside of House of Hunan’s delivery zone, GrubHub delivers. For those potsticker lovers, their’s have a thicker dough covering. Yup. Go ‘n gettem.

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Kamehachi means 8 turtles in Japanese. To the Japanese, the number 8 and turtles mean long life and good luck respectively. You won’t have to walk into one of their 5 locations in Chicagoland to find out that Kamehachi is the real deal. Slurp, chew, or crunch your way into any one of Kamehachi’s menu items to find this out. As Chicago’s premier sushi restaurant, Kamehachi provides a classy night in.

Bub City

On Hubbard and Clark St., Bub City is known for its country scene in the heart of Chicago. As much fun as it is to sit down with a Bub City House Ale and listen to live country music on a Friday Night, we all get that I’m not leaving feeling. Bub City’s Nashville Fried Chicken tastes like a time tested recipe. There is no wasted breading to this fried delicacy. Poke your fork into it and listen for the fried jacket to crisp apart. Topped with a bite-sized, but not snack-able Nashville flag, this meaty chicken dish will last a few seconds on your lap until you regret not buying two.


Firecakes Donuts

There’s a crevice of a donut shop on Hubbard, that any delivery man will have trouble not eating before they reach your door. It’s called Firecakes and it’s good. With seasonal picks called “Creations On Vacation”, you’ll fall in love in no time. My veteran recommendation? Order one of their two ice cream donut sandwiches each with Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream.


Let us know below What are you feeling tonight? Fried chicken, buffalo chicken pizza, or orange chicken? Let us know below which restaurants you agree and disagree with. 

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