5 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At University Of Tampa

With family weekend approaching, the pressure starts to build. You want to show your parents that you know everything about this place, and your tuition money isn’t going to you staying up till 3am on Tuesday nights playing zombies with your roommate and being late to your 2pm class cause “It was just way too early”. This is the time for you to impress your parents and show them the hot restaurants in Tampa. Keep reading for 5 restaurants you need to take your parents to during family weekend at University of Tampa!

1. Green Lemon

The Green Lemon is a great spot to take your parents if they’re into an upbeat atmosphere with a younger crowd. Prices are fair and they have a great drink menu. Huge Margaritas and great food equal a great night out on SOHO leaving everyone in a good mood.

2. Miguelitos Taqueria Y Tequilas

Miguelitos is the hottest new Mexican spot in Tampa. Run by the family that brought us Miguels just up the street. Run by a young entrepreneur that has created an amazing atmosphere with authentic Mexican food and drinks. Labeled with the best margaritas in Tampa, they also have the only tequila tap in the area. Pouring tequila shots at -5 degrees. Their surf & turf burrito is the best item on the menu and all of the amazing desserts are hand made by the owner’s mother in her own personal kitchen. This is a high-end taco stop that will leave you wanting to go back the next night. And there outdoors seating on good night weather wise is unmatchable in the area. This is one of the highest recommended places to hit with your parents in Tampa!

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3. Miguel’s Mexican Seafood and Grill

Miguel’s is right up West Kennedy from its smaller ship Miguelitos. This is more of a sit down quiet restaurant with a warm at home feel. An awesome spot to go for a great meal, which offers very generous portions. The owners are authentic Mexicans originally from Texas. The indoor atmosphere is unlike anything in Tampa and the meal will leave you with a full stomach and satisfied parents!

4. Bern’s Steakhouse

Bern’s Steakhouse is more on the expensive side but it is worth every dollar. It is considered the best meal in Tampa. The staff is trained for four moths prior to employment to offer one of the best dining experiences in Tampa. Many just go for the dessert room that is known worldwide. This is a great restaurant to attend for an amazing meal!

Is Burns Steakhouse on your list of restaurants to take your parents to during family weekend at University of Tampa?

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5. Panache

Last but certainly not least is Panache, which is located in Morsani Hall on campus. It is a gourmet buffet that was originally created for Professors only but recently opened up for the student body. If you’ve been there you know it’s the best meal you’ve had on campus since you’ve arrived. No matter what they’re serving it is always amazing. They have great cooks that offer perfect meals, also might I add their desert is second to none. IF you don’t want to go far and also look to show your parents that the school is taking good care of you I highly suggest stopping by Panache for lunch during family weekend at University of Tampa!

Where do you plan on taking your parents during family weekend at University of Tampa? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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