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10 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At SFSU

10 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At SFSU

You may be wondering where to go for SFSU's family weekend. Keep reading for 10 restaurants to bring your parents to during family weekend at SFSU!

Family weekend at SFSU is right around the corner! Don’t wait until the last minute to find a great restaurant to take your parents to. You may be stuck wondering where to go, but there are so many great restaurants near campus. Keep reading for 10 restaurants to bring your parents to during family weekend at SFSU!

1. The Vista Room

Did you know we had a 5 star restaurant on campus?? You eat at the dining center enough, so when your parents come to visit, step it up by taking them to The Vista Room! For $17 per person, you are served a three course meal and drink! Everything is cooked by students with professional supervision.

 2. La Taqueria

Do I really need to explain this one? Cheap, DELICIOUS, their insta bio says it all: “Serving The Best Tacos & Burritos In The Whole World..”


3. Boudin in Pier 39

You’ll definitely end up down at The Pier during some point of the family visit so stop at Boudin for a warm bread bowl of soup while you’re there.

4. South Beach Cafe

Stop by South Beach Cafe on Embarcadero for some perfect pizza and perfect view of the bay bridge. Your family will love stopping by here to take a break from all the touring of your city (they won’t be used to all the walking like you are, so they’ll definitely need to sit down for a little after Pier 39)

5. Cuisine of Nepal

Show parents this super cute “hole in the wall” restaurant that serves 5 star Himalayan/Nepalese food. If your parents are like mine at all, they’ll be excited to step out of their typical food habits and enjoy something new!


6. Off the Grid

FOOD TRUCKS! Everyone loves food trucks! 30+ food vendors, 3 bars, and live music or entertainment! Everyone order from a different truck then meet back up to share and try a little bit of everything.


7. Cheesecake at Union Square

Let your parents see why you’re so in love with this amazing city and take them to the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square where you can sit outside the top of the Macy’s building

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8. Panchitas #2

Mom and dad will love this hole in the wall pupusaria in the Mission District!

9. Sheba Piano Lounge

Take the adults out to a proper mature place like the Sheba Piano Lounge. Here you can dine with Ethiopian food while listening to some jazz. You’re sure to impress the parentals.

Is the Sheba Piano Lounge on your list of places to take your parents during family weekend at SFSU?

10. Kevin’s Noodle House

The family run restaurant was started from a dad’s love to cook. Enjoy a bowl of Pho from one of the best places to offer it! The list for good food in San Francisco is endless, let me know what some of your favorites are!

Where will you be taking your parents for dinner during family weekend at SFSU? Comment below and share the article!
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