10 Restaurants To Take Your Parents To During Family Weekend At PC

With family weekend at Providence College right around the corner, you may be stuck wondering where to take your parents when they come to visit. Don’t worry! Keep reading for 10 great restaurants to take your parents to during family weekend at PC!

1. The Melting Pot

Location: Downtown

Attire: Dressy casual

Reservation: Yes, essential!

Items to get: The 4 course option!

The Melting Pot is very expensive but amazing. It is a fondue restaurant so every course you will make yourself in the pots in front of you! There is a cheese course, Salad (you don’t make that), main course, and dessert. Most booths have 2 pots, so you can choose 2 cheeses, 2 broths, and 2 dessert fondues! It is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to and you should definitely consider for family weekend at PC!

2. The Abbey

Location: Admiral St (right by campus)

Attire: Casual

Reservation: No, but you may wait a while since its very popular!

Items to get: Any of the burgers, the buffalo caesar salad.

The Abbey is a must! It is located right near PC and is a local favorite! They have great service and incredible food! Sometimes it can be really packed, so be prepared to wait to be seated, but it is definitely worth the wait!

3. The Villa

Location: West Warwick, RI

Attire: Casual (I wore jeans and a blazer)

Reservation: Yes, on Friday or Saturday night but otherwise, you should be all set!

Items to get: Fried calamari, scallops, chicken and broccoli alfredo.

Now, this is a personal plug. I went to The Villa with my parents for my birthday because I happen to know the owner. But I was blown away by their food. It’s classic Italian food with a flair of home cooked favorites. The food is freshly prepared and served with the best customer service. The portions are huge so you can have left overs for days! They have live music and dancing on certain days so its an incredible atmosphere.

4. Kitchen

Location: Federal Hill

Attire: Casual

Reservation: No – cash only

Items to get: Huevos Rancheros, Grand Slam Breakfast.

Everything in Kitchen is cooked to perfection. Kitchen is the most Instagrammable place to go to breakfast, but it is INSANELY small. There will be a wait but it will most likely be a short one, so your parents shouldn’t worry during family weekend at PC. This breakfast restaurant can do it all without fail and has a menu that can satisfy every sweet tooth.

5. Duck and Bunny

Location: Wickenden St

Attire: Casual

Reservation: Not essential, but it can be helpful.

Items to get: ALL the cupcakes and crepes.

They are known for their brunch so when you’re convincing your parents that Ray weekend brunch wont do, take them to Duck and Bunny. Its small and quaint so you may wait a bit, but it is worth it. The sweet and savory crepes are delicious and appropriate any time of day. They have an excellent tea selection so you can also stop by mid afternoon and enjoy tea and snacks!

6. Enoteca Umberto

Location: Federal Hill

Attire: Casual

Reservation: Yes

Items to get: Mozzarella, fig, prosciutto and gorgonzola bruschetta, drizzled with honey.

If you’re looking for a home cooked meal during family weekend at PC, head to Enoteca! It is classic Italian fare with those little details that make it just like Mom’s. You become family as soon as you walk in the door, and the attention to detail is what makes every dish perfect. There is a huge menu and there are no wrong or bad choices! It is an experience you must have before you graduate!

7. East Side Pockets

Location: Thayer St

Attire: Casual

Reservation: No

Items to get: Falafel, gyro, kabob plate.

Hands down the best place to get Mediterranean food in Providence. The falafel is incredible and the gyro is the best I’ve ever had. I recommend ordering and taking the food to eat around Brown or in a park because the restaurant is quite small inside and there is very little parking on Thayer.

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8. North

Location: Federal Hill

Attire: Casual/hipster

Reservation: No

Items to get: Tiny ham biscuits, almost boneless fried chicken, dan dan noodles, cantaloupe mousse.

This is an Asian fusion restaurant that has something for everybody. The chicken is incredible and feeds several people so you’ll most likely have food to pack up and take home. Their menu changes often and offers a new experience every time you come! It is a small restaurant so there is the chance of waiting but, according to every user on yelp, it is THE must-go-to Asian Fusion restaurant in RI.

9. Harry’s Bar and Burger

Location: College Hill

Attire: Casual

Reservation: No

Items to get: MOAB sliders, sweet potato fries (with sauce), Harry’s Meltdown Sliders.

I truly don’t know what to say about Harry’s because it is one of my favorite restaurants. There are so many options and the service is out of this world. They have sliders, hot dogs, and basically every type of bar food! The sauce with the sweet potato fries was quite possibly the best thing I have ever had and I didn’t mind the wait to be seated (if you’re going with a large group, you will probably have a wait).

10. Sura

Location: Westminster St

Attire: Casual

Reservation: Yes

Items to get: Providence Roll, Rainbow Roll, Kimchi Scallion Pancake.

This restaurant is so good! It is small and festive inside and the service is quote good! The waiter let us know right away what we were ordering and explained what things were if they were unclear on the menu. Two of us split the kimchi scallion pancake, and 2 sushi rolls with some left over. The price is really reasonable and you get exactly what you’re paying for.

Where do you plan on taking your parents during family weekend at PC? Comment below and share the article!
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Bailey Fielding

Bailey is a psychology major at Providence College and lives in Lenox, MA. She is hopelessly addicted to coffee and if you buy her an iced caramel with cream, she’ll love you forever!

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