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15 Must Try Restaurants Near UW

15 Must Try Restaurants Near UW

UW has great food but when you get bored of the dining hall, it's nice to switch it up. Here are 15 affordable restaurants near UW.
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Whether you’re out of money on your Husky Card or you’re just sick of The University of Washington food, below are 15 must try restaurants near UW. These places are just the right prices for some broke college kids, plus you’re really receiving a bang for your buck.

1. Pagliacci Pizza

Pizza, a staple of many millennial’s diet; but Pagliacci Pizza, a staple of many UW’s student’s diets. Ordering by the slice for cheap, as well as house-made salads to-go, nothing beats going to Pagliacci’s when you’re sick of eating the same old campus food everyday. It’s a place where you feel at home, outside your dorm room. 

2. Xi’An Noodles

If you’re looking for something with lots of flavors, go to Xi’An Noodles because the flavors are out of this world! But, if nothing on the set menu appeals to you, you can always make your own noodle dish! For cheap prices and a flavorful experience, this is the place to go, even if it’s a little further up University Ave.


3. Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Molly Moon’s will have you questioning if it’s the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Using fresh ingredients from local PNW farms, they churn out some of the best classic ice cream flavors ever. However, while the most simple of flavors are undeniably delicious, their seasonal flavors will want you to wish they have the flavor all year long.

4. EJ Burger

A classic burger and fries are all you need and EJ Burger does just that and a little more. They go above and beyond with their combo pricing and different types of burgers. This is the place to order a classic hamburger, fries, and milkshakes because EJ’s does it right.


5. Sizzle & Crunch

At Sizzle & Crunch, you can get a Vietnamese sandwich — also known as banh mi— the way you want it; whether that’s in a rice bowl or as a classic sandwich. Ingredients are fresh and everything is made in front of you; it’s like a banh mi Chipotle. If you’re looking for a quick eat, go to Sizzle & Crunch for a filling quality meal, affordable for all UW Huskies.

6. Ugly Mug Cafe & Coffee Roasters

While the cafe itself is rather small, taking your coffee and sandwich to go is always an option, but if there’s an open table, it’s a must that you stay. Free WiFi, delicious food, and amazing Instagram-worthy lattes, there’s nowhere else that you would want to be.


7. Guanaco’s Taco Pupuseria

A true hole in the wall that does not disappoint on food and value near UW. They serve traditional Salvadorian food, which includes pupusas, a stuffed tortilla with savory fillings. There are many options to choose from if you don’t feel like eating pupusas, such as burritos, fish tacos, enchiladas, and many more foods from this family owned business.

8. Hawaii BBQ Restaurant

This family run business is where local food lives. From chicken katsu to classic mac salad, everything that you find in Hawaii can be found here in large portions for cheap. With vegetarian options as well, Hawaii BBQ has been visited by many who are always going back for thirds.

9. Morsel

Best breakfast you will find around campus EVER. It’s a small restaurant that bakes fresh biscuits every morning and makes an amazing cup of coffee. They serve biscuits and gravy, biscuit breakfast sandwiches, and have a long list of different freshly made jams that you can spread on your biscuit of choice These biscuits are so filling that they could easily be the only food you eat that day. Choose your dish wisely, but you can always take some to-go and keep them in your dorm!

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10. Aladdin Gryo-Cery

If you’re in need of a late night meal or snack after studying in Odegaard or Suzzallo, hop on over to the Gryo-Cery for some cheap and delicious Mediterranean food. They make AMAZING Greek fries that will have you ordering seconds.

11. Fat Ducks Deli & Bakery

From savory to sweet, this little bakery has it all! They make a mean bagel sandwich and are said to have the best brownies ever. If you’re not sure what to order, talk to the owner Jaclyn who is always chatting it up with the customers; she’ll definitely recommend something that is worth while.


12. Sweet Alchemy

This little ice cream parlor serves more handcrafted flavors that have great titles and supports local farms. Though it is more on the pricier side, the taste and flavors are worth it.

13. Kong Tofu House

Looking for some delicious soup on a normal grey Seattle day? Look no more, Kong Tofu House has some of the best Korean tofu soup called soondubu. It’s perfect to share with friends on a cold day, along with many other dishes that their extensive menu offers. Prices are perfectly priced for the quantity and quality of the food.

14. Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

For all my vegetarians and vegans, welcome to a delicious safe haven with fresh ingredients and great portion sizes. This is the place to go to try something new or start that new diet because you’re too lazy to walk to the IMA. Chaco’s food also has the rare ability to make you feel full, but not extremely stuffed with a food baby. While it may be a little pricey, the quality ingredients they use will make your taste buds dance. Bye UW dining hall. 


15. Hiroshi’s Poke

Get some fresh Hawaiian worthy poke at Hiroshi’s Poke. The portion size is large and there are unlimited toppings! They also often change the different types of poke weekly, so that there’s a variety of fish and flavors. But not feeling poke? That’s okay because Hiroshi makes Hawaiian favorites from chicken karaage—Japanese fried chicken—, spam musubi, and tempura. Come visit Hiroshi’s Poke for some local flavor near UW!

Where are some of your favorite restaurants near UW? Feel free to comment below and share this article!
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