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Top 10 Restaurants In Hudson

If you descend from the Cleveland area, then you have probably at least heard of Hudson, OH. Nestled in between Twinsburg and Stow about 45 minutes south of the city, I have lived in Hudson ever since I was in kindergarten. My dad grew up in the town and wanted to bring his family back there! These are the best restaurants in Hudson!

Hudson has many stellar accomplishments: great schools, a small walkable town, and the many restaurants for foodies to dine in!  Over the past 14 or so years, I have come to compile a list of my top places to dine with friends and family, so if you are visiting Cleveland or are from a neighboring town, here are my top restaurant picks for Hudson, OH!

1.) Hudson’s

Come on, how could this one not make the list?!  Located on the corner of First & Main, I was going to this restaurant back when it was called Mary & Ted’s. Named after the town itself, this is a perfect place for any type of meal for any time of the day.  From ordering their famous Loaded House Chips to sipping on a decadent cocktail at the bar, this place truly has something for everyone.  Grab the whole family and go to Hudson’s!

2.) Luchitas

This is my go-to taco place in town!  From the bottomless chips and salsa to snack on to their extensive menu and cocktail list, Luchitas delivers that great Mexican cuisine that you crave.  From fajitas to nachos and their signature dishes, you can’t choose a bad item.  Top off the meal with a margarita and one of their famous 100 Tequilas.  You know you’re in for a fun night with great food! This is one of the best restaurants in Hudson!

3.) Tomato Grill

This one is perfect for either dressing it up or just going semi casual for the evening.  This is even where I went for my Homecoming dinner my senior year of high school!  Every single dish here is exquisite, and with such a diverse menu, you will have a hard time choosing what to get!  I would go for a gourmet pizza if I were you, but that’s a personal preference!

4.) Dave’s Cosmic Subs

This is perfect for when you just want a quick bite or a sub to go!  Dave’s is like stepping into an 80’s time machine and transporting you back to a time with lava lamps, The Doors, and writing your name on everything.  People come in, order their Turkey Dave or another favorite, and sign the walls already covered with names!  It’s always a fun time going in and seeing your signature from the 4th grade.  Plus, the subs are amazing!  Grab a quick bite at Dave’s Cosmic Subs!

5.) Farinacci Pizza

Locally owned by the sweetest owners, Farinacci Pizza never fails to deliver that good old fashioned Italian taste and feel.  Their pizza and salads are amazing, and the red booths and murals of Italy on the walls make you think you were in Little Italy!  Completing the experience, they also have a vintage Pac Man machine to feed your old fashioned video game obsession.  Get some good pizza at Farinacci Pizza! This is one of our favorite restaurants in Hudson!

6.) Rosewood Grill

This place is perfect for dressing it up for a date or just a nice night out on the town!  The chic feel of the interior make you feel special and the firepit outside for those warm summer evening is oh-so cozy!  Their menu- oh my goodness.  Everything from their sushi shots to their classic burgers to their salmon served on a wooden plank will make your mouth water just thinking about it.  Finish the meal with their rich chocolate mousse and leave feeling stuffed and satisfied!

7.) Flip Side

I’m not overexaggerating when I say that they serve the best burgers and shakes I have ever tasted in my life!  Flip Side is a perfect afternoon lunch spot for you and your buds to indulge in some tasty shakes and sliders.  If you have to order one thing, so for the Flip Side Burger!  The cheese on caramelized onions on bacon on a succulent patty is what dreams are made of.  Suck on a Chef shake full of chocolate, peanut butter AND pretzels for an experience you won’t forget.  Seriously, just go there.

8.) Pad Thai

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To feel your Asian style food cravings, Pad Thai is the way to go! Whether you are dining in or taking it out, they have perfected their cuisine to make it (in my opinion) the best Asian food spot in town!  They even come with a sushi bar, which is something you don’t see often!  Sesame chicken, sweet and sour soup, chicken fried rice, California rolls, the list of favorites goes on!  Come see the giant elephant statues out front and the many Buddhas inside and enjoy!

9.) Johnny’s Diner

If you want the perfect brunch spot, Johnny’s Diner is the place for you!  Food aside, the atmosphere is what brings people in, and the food is what keeps them coming back!  The 50’s style diner is one of the cutest places in town with the checkered floors and big booths.  Even though they serve lunch foods as well, I would go with the breakfast, specifically the waffles!  Treat yourself to brunch at Johnny’s! This is another one of the best restaurants in Hudson!

10.) 3 Palms

The name deriving from the thought that your pizza dough should be threw palms wide and long, this restaurant delivers some great Italian dishes!  Of course the thin crust pizza is the cream of the crop, but other dishes like their meatballs and their antipasto plate are tasty as well!  As well as a restaurant and bar, they are also equipped with an Italian pastry case alongside a gelato bar!  From dinner to dessert, you will have a tough time trying to decide!

Take a foodie road trip to Hudson and indulge in my favorites from my hometown! What are your favorite restaurants in Hudson? What restaurants in Hudson do you suggest? Tell us in the comments!
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