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5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

Needing some food to nurse that hangover away and rally? Here are the five best restaurants in Charlottesville to help that headache!

It’s a beautiful Saturday fall morning in Charlottesville. The sun is shining, everyone is finding their best orange and blue attire to root for the ‘Hoos and you are lying in bed deathly hungover from the night before. The town may be buzzing in preparation for game day, but there is just one problem: you were buzzing way too hard last night. Whether it was one too many Wahoos at Boylan or a Trash Can or two at Trinity, your game face simply can’t handle game day. You need a plan and fast. You need food, then you need a couple of ibuprofen for that headache and then you need to try not to go so hard tonight. But first, the food. Here are some of the best restaurants in Charlottesville for your hangover:

 1. The Villa Diner

Where hangovers go to mend. This laid-back breakfast, lunch and dinner spot is a staple of Charlottesville diners. Although it does serve lunch and dinner, The Villa is most popular for its extensive breakfast menu, which is served all day. So, whether you wake up at 9 am or 3 pm you are always able to order a huge breakfast – hello life hack. I recommend the “Super Big Complete Breakfast” which comes with 2 eggs any style, grits or hash browns, bacon or sausage and your choice of toast.

Coffee and a glass of orange juice are also included in this breakfast special, which you can use to wash down your headache medicine of choice. Between the large amount of food (for a deal) and the coffee and orange juice, even the worst hangovers can be overcome after a visit to the Villa Diner. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Charlottesville for your hangover!

5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

 2. Brazos Tacos

This hip breakfast and taco spot serves Texas-inspired food with delicious margaritas that include variations such as the watermelon, hibiscus and the unique jalapeño margarita. The Brazos menu has options for both meat lovers and vegetarians, so the menu accommodates any hungover student in Cville. You can order two tacos or three (if you are feeling especially hungry) and pair them with a refreshing marg – a little hair of the dog is sometimes the best and only cure.

Brazos has indoor seating as well as outdoor seating if the hangover is especially heinous and you need some fresh air. The outside consists of large picnic tables and lights strung around the perimeter for a little ambiance. Get some tacos, a daytime margarita and your daily dose of fresh air at Brazos next time you are paying for a late night out at Trin.

5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

 3. Corner Juice

Hungover, but starting a new leaf with a health kick and trying to avoid greasy hangover foods? Corner Juice is just the place for you. This breakfast and brunch spot is a newer addition to The Corner, but has taken Cville by storm. Their menu consists of acai bowls, delicious sandwiches (with bread from local Charlottesville bakery, MarieBette), fresh pressed juices, refreshing smoothies and the best avocado toast served at restaurants in Charlottesville.

They even have a fresh pressed juice called “The Cure,” which consists of ginger, lemon, orange, cayenne and honey, which was made with the hungover ‘Hoo in mind. If you’re too sick to get out of bed to make it there, Corner Juice is on Uber Eats, making it a clutch option if you are running late and don’t have time to go to a sit down meal or even pick up food.

5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

 4. Bodo’s Bagels

By far the most popular bagel spot in Charlottesville, this New York-inspired bagel joint hails as a go-to for breakfast and lunch, whether you have a hangover or not. Serving bagels since 1988 and locally owned, Bodo’s is inexpensive and conveniently located on The Corner, right in the hub of everything in Charlottesville. Bodo’s has every type of bagel imaginable with every type of cream cheese to go with them – not to mention great hangover bagel combos.

A personal favorite is the bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel. You get salt, carbs, bacon and dairy all in one meal. What more does one need to heal? It is also located next to a Starbucks (but also serves great coffee) so you can get a little caffeine to help weaken the headache. This is one of the restaurants in Charlottesville that you’ll have to check out the next time you’re feeling hungover.

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5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

5. Trinity Irish Pub

Last, but certainly not least, the place where many UVA students spend copious amounts of time on the weekends: Trinity Irish Pub. What do the Irish know about hangovers? Everything. Although you may have a little bit of PTSD from your night before at “Trin,” as locals call it, it is also one of the best places to cure a hangover as they have an impressive American food menu consisting of brunch, lunch and dinner options, as well as a list of drinks specially made for brunch and the hungover sufferer.

A popular drink before a game-day and to cure a hangover is Trin’s Brunch Punch. It has just the right amount of sugar and alcohol to get you a little hair of the dog while also giving you a needed sugar boost. Although Trin doesn’t have a large brunch menu, it has an important brunch menu because it includes a breakfast burrito and every amateur hangover doctor knows how important burritos are to well-being. The breakfast burrito which comes with a choice of hash browns or fruit if you are feeling virtuous.

5 Restaurants In Charlottesville That Will Cure Your Hangover

So, the next time you ever find yourself hungover in Charlottesville, hit up one of these great restaurants, eat, drink and be careful not to end up quite so hungover again.

Which of these restaurants in Charlottesville is your favorite hangover place? Let us know in the comments below!
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