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Resolutions to Keep During a Pandemic

There is no secret that this pandemic has taken a toll on our everyday lives. We may be struggling with bringing us down, and the lack of human contact tends to make us depressed. Each year we make resolutions, and many of us do not stick to them, but this year it is more important than ever to set goals for ourselves and stick to our resolutions. Why? Because it gives us something to look forward to, it keeps us on track, and it could help us in more ways than one. Here are some resolutions to keep during a pandemic.


Every year people make resolutions to work out; some stick with it, but many fall by the wayside after a bit of time. It is a great idea to keep this resolution as we are limited with human activity and even gyms. However, there are ways to workout at home, and there are even app subscriptions to keep you on track of your goals and provide you with excellent fitness workout videos to follow. Working out can help with depression and release endorphins. Endorphins produce a great feeling throughout the body that is similar to morphine. No matter the type of workout you do, it is a great idea to focus on your body and calm the mind.

Stay Connected

An excellent resolution to make and keep would be to stay connected to others. While we cannot get together or have large groups of people around us, we can still connect with others in many ways. The technology we have is a gift that did not exist long ago, and we can use it to our advantage to communicate with our loved ones and friends. If you are not a person who has many people to connect with normally, now is a time you can join a group on Facebook and start chatting about things that interest you. You can join a group for a show, a book series, or a hobby and start discussing and connecting with other people. You never know; a pen pal or great friend may come out of connecting with other people.

Take Up a New Hobby

Some of us may have more time on our hands-on weekends or days off; to fight the dull drum of not doing some of our favorite social hobbies, we can take up a new hobby to keep us occupied. Take up a hobby that interests you or something you have always wanted to do. Learn a new language, learn to paint, or participate in another hobby you have always wanted to do. Some places have zoom meetings or virtual classes you can take at home. Not only can you connect with others digitally, but you can keep your mind stimulated and engaged while stuck at home. It is also a great feeling to learn something new and have a sense of accomplishment when you are done. It will boost your confidence and make you feel great when you engage in things that help you focus and learn a new skill or craft.

Live Life to the Fullest

Live life to the fullest is a common resolution we make each year and is primarily based on downfalls or things that may have held us back in the previous year. 2020 was a rough year, and we are not sure what 2021 holds for the world, but we can say that this resolution is one to keep this year above any other year. Everyone’s life to the fullest means something different, so it is best to find what things you want to accomplish the most this year and start a to-do list. This resolution may fall hand in hand with working on one’s bucket list. Regardless of how you classify it, it is crucial to not give up on things you want to achieve because of setbacks. This year we can find alternatives to achieving our goals, and we can try new things or safely meet new people. While we may be limited on what we can do or what is available to us, we can still make the most of what we have and utilize what is around us to live our lives to the best of our abilities.

Keep up Grades

If you are in college right now, things are quite different. How you attend classes and procedures in place, make the learning environment much different than it has ever been before. We are attending classes online or on zoom; we have forums and a lot more learning home-based. Grades are a common resolution, but it can be challenging to keep up during a pandemic because we may lack motivation. Sometimes things that happen make us feel hopeless or frustrated. We may not be as focused, we become depressed being cooped up, so our grades tend to slip or become less important. However, it is essential to upkeep your grades and do things to keep you interactive and positive. The best thing to do is remember that the pandemic will not be forever, but your grades will stick with you and make it difficult to progress if you let them slip. Start with small goals for yourself and if you have to, try to reward yourself for staying on track.

Get Organized

Another popular resolution is to get organized. We tend to see how cluttered and messy our lives get over the year, and we also realize that it is much easier to focus if we are organized. Organization in our lives can cause less stress when we can find things with ease or keep track of important dates and events. Stress can build when you cannot find something or are running around, unable to remember what is essential. With our days running together, it is a great idea to get organized. Utilize your calendars on your phone or computer and even download apps that will help keep you organized and on track. You can organize your home and your life throughout the year and witness how much stress is removed.

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Focus on Yourself

Sure, you may have the resolution to help others or give more, but it is also imperative to not forget yourself in a pandemic. Take care of what you need mentally, emotionally, and physically so that you can be the best version of yourself. It is often hard to help others if we do not help ourselves as well. Take time for yourself and remember it is OK to have a mental health day. We have to find the center and focus on ourselves during these crazy times. If you focus on yourself more, you can offer the best version of yourself to others when the pandemic is over. Focusing on you doesn’t mean you don’t help others, but do not forget yourself and your needs.

Keeping these resolutions are a great idea to feed your mind, body, and soul. Remember, the pandemic will not last forever, and what we do with this time is crucial. Lift one another, lift yourself, and remember you are not alone.

What resolutions do you think are most important to keep during a pandemic? Are there resolutions above that you will keep? Let us know below.

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