5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

Did you just graduate college? If so, you’ll know its weird to not have to worry about when the next assignment is due or how long to study for the next major test coming up. The only thing you’re worrying about is your next step in your life and sometimes, it’s overwhelming. Here’s some reminders for you to think about during the job-searching and over-thinking!

1. It’s OK To Not Have a Job In My Degree Right Out of College

So far, it’s been two whole months without a job in my chosen degree. And I’m freaking out! I want to be doing something other than a boring desk job, but I know this is only temporary. The right job will come my way. I just graduated and I have to constantly remind myself that. I know a lot of people who are in the same position as me, which is comforting, but it is also nerve-wracking. A lot of college graduates expect to have their first job right out of graduation, but sometimes that’s not the case. And that’s perfectly OK and normal!

5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

2. It’s OK To Move Back In With Your Parents

After graduating, I moved back into my parents’ place to save money. Yeah, its weird being home full-time, but I know this is temporary, too. A lot of my friends who graduated college, too, bought their own places right away. They now complain to me that they are struggling to pay their rent each month and make ends meet. Since I wanted to avoid debt, I went home and have been saving my money so when I do get my own place, I won’t have to worry about making ends meet. And that’s OK for college graduates to do!

5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

3. It’s OK If Your College Friends Have Jobs And Are Moving On

Some people who graduate college have job offers before the semester is even over, which is great! But when its your friends who have those offers, it feels like you’re falling behind.

There’s no race to the finish to see who can get the best job out of graduation! Everyone’s life moves at a different pace, so just be patient for your opportunity to come! Be happy and supportive of your friends because when its your turn, they’ll be supportive of you, too!

5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

4. It’s OK To Take A Break

After all of the long semesters of hard work, you deserve a break! Schedule a vacation and take some much needed time off before starting a new job. You’ve been go, go, go the past four years and you finally don’t have any papers or tests to worry about anymore, so take this chance to relax and get your mind prepared before you get a full-time job! You won’t have many chances to take a vacation when you start working 40-hour weeks.

5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

5. It’s OK If All You’re Hearing Are “No’s” From Companies

Once you graduate college, you’ll be putting your resumes in anyone’s hands just to be considered. I’ve applied to over 100 jobs since May and only a few have reached out to tell me that they’ve moved on with their search. Yeah, that stings a little bit, but that’s OK! Not every job is a perfect match for you. Just know the right job is on it’s way and it may take some time for it to fall into your lap.

5 Reminders To Those Who Just Graduated College

Life seems easy until you graduate college, but then the real work begins. Don’t stress too much over it! Let me know some ways you’ve been coping with after-college blues in the comments below!

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