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20 Relatable Tweets About The New Snapchat Update

20 Relatable Tweets About The New Snapchat Update

The new Snapchat update has us all confused and frustrated. Snapchat has a lot of competition nowadays with Instagram, and it seems this update is a step back... here are 20 relatable tweets that perfectly summarize our opinions on the ridiculous new update.

The new Snapchat update was released earlier this week… and most people are not happy about it. The update completely revamped the layout and usability of the platform; I’ve been using consistently since the first day of the release and I still can’t figure it out.  Twitter is exploding with petitions, pleas to restore the old version and angry opinions, so we pulled the most relatable tweets that perfectly summarize our opinions on this ridiculous update:

1. Even Kylie Jenner isn’t happy about it.

New mom Kylie Jenner is the queen of Snapchat– she has the most followers on the platform by FAR.  She took to twitter to ask her followers about the update…


… and concluded it was not the greatest.

2. Don’t mess with Chrissy.

Chrissy Teigan is one of the most lovable celebrities on social media, and she is OUTRAGED that her followers are having a harder time keeping up with her fun cooking and family updates.

3. Not saying it’s Trump’s fault, but…


4. This person took the liberty of writing Snapchat a letter on behalf of all of us.

5. And for the few that haven’t gotten the update yet… Snapchat autoupdate is coming for you…

6. … and it’s going to hit you hard.


7. Honestly, who thought of this layout and algorithm?

8. The auto-update is what none of us asked for but got anyway, and is extremely reminiscent when we all somehow got U2’s album downloaded onto our phones.

9. But seriously, has anyone managed to figure this sh*t out?


10. There must have been SOMEONE at Snapchat HQ who had a bad feeling about this.

11. If the new Snapchat update was a person…

12. Seriously, how does Snapchat even have the rights to autoupdate on people’s phones??

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13. Waking up to the new Snapchat update like…

14. Oh the things we would go through to not have this update.


15. Messy, packed, and busy…

16. This guy is telling it like it is.

17. Could the new Snapchat update be a step back in technology?

18. Ok, well at least there’s ONE good thing about the update.


19. Anyone else seem to lose track of their friends with the new Snapchat update?

20. Aaaaannnnndddd it seems like we’re stuck with it for a while. Great.

What do you honestly think of the new Snapchat update?  Let us know in the comments below!

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