Reformation’s Top Ten Best Dresses This Season

Reformation is one of the most popular ethical, slow fashion brands today. Perfect for summer, this brand has the most stylish dresses that can keep you cool this season!

1. Belgium Dress

This midi linen dress will keep you cool during the hottest days of the year! Although it comes in three different patterns, the plain white dress is always eye-catching and heat-absorption resistant. The slight slit also elongates the legs, perfect for a dressy brunch with the girls.

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2. Lucky Dress

Reformation knew what they were doing when they named this dress! Certainly a fitting name for this green patterned dress, you’ll be reaching to wear this wrap style over and over again. Good things might happen to you while wearing this lovely piece.

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3. Hyacinth Dress

This pretty little thing can be your go-to for special occasions you have planned this summer! Reformation has you covered for all your graduation parties, birthday parties, and even summer weddings with this one. The off-shoulder flowy material and texture will certainly give you an angel’s aura.

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4. Peach Dress

This fun sleeveless midi-length dress comes in seven different patterns, each to wear for one day of the week if you’d really like! It’s the perfect casual dress to wear when it’s just way too hot for anything else. Maybe one day it’ll be socially acceptable to walk around naked, but for now, we can only count on Reformation.

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5. Catania Two Piece

Technically, this isn’t a dress, but this is way too cute to pass up! This amazing two-piece is perfect for mixing with other items like pairing light-wash jeans with the cropped top, or simply wearing them together! You can always count on Reformation to have the cutest floral patterns that aren’t too overbearing or subtle.

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6. Shelley Dress

This fit and flattering dress is perfect for a festival vibe. The lace details really add something special to your look which is also much needed for some breathing room on hot days! This dress comes in black and ivory, but I’d prefer ivory if you want more of a casual feel.

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7. Granada Dress

Reformation never fails to produce the most fun and flirty dresses without looking tacky. Perfect for a day out in the park or having a picnic, the Granada Dress comes in three fun patterns. By far the cutest and most playful is the fruit pattern. When else could you wear fruit on your dress than summer?

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8. Bryar Dress

This go-to button-down dress is perfect for any casual day this summer! Easily wearable with an infinite possibility of accessories, Reformation’s Bryar Dress is perfect for those of you who need a staple dress that’s versatile for any occasion. The fun ties on the sleeve really make it unique and add an extra element to this popular style!

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9. Inka Dress

This smocked dress is perfect for your day out and about! In either bright red, navy blue, or ivory, all have their own unique floral patterns that would definitely turn heads. While wearing this dress, be prepared to answer all those “where is it from?” questions from your friends or even strangers you pass by!

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10. Modena Dress

This strappy, backless dress is perfect for that summer day wedding you’re planning to attend! The floor-length Modena Dress is sure to give you the illusion of effortlessly flowing through the room in an ethereal fashion. Although it comes in seven amazing different colors and/or patterns, the most eye-catching seems to be ‘Queen’ in floral patterned pink and ‘Soleil’ in a floral patterned mustard yellow (as shown below).

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Which dress from Reformation was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hayley Heramia

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