10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

Many people turn to the internet when they’re looking for something to occupy their time. But even with the entire web at your fingertips, it can still be difficult to find things to do. One of the sites I turn to when I’m looking to cure my boredom is Reddit. 

For the uninitiated, Reddit is basically a discussion site with different offshoots, called subreddits, based on just about every interest you can imagine. If you find the right subreddit, you can spend hours and hours just browsing different posts. 

1. r/AmITheAsshole

Here’s a good subreddit if you’re looking for some light reading. r/AmITheAsshole is a subreddit where Redditors post stories of conflict from their lives where they may or may not have been the antagonist. It’s the job of the readers of the Reddit thread to determine whether or not the poster was in the wrong. 

Some of the stories that pop up on this subreddit can be pretty entertaining. It’s also interest to read thorough the replies within the thread to see what judgments other readers come to. Think of it as a mix of a story time platform and a healthy debate platform. 

2. r/AskReddit

In r/AskReddit, Redditors post thought provoking discussion questions for other readers to answer. These questions run the gamut, with serious questions like “What life lesson were you taught by a complete stranger?” to fun and more lighthearted ones like “What’s one song you can listen to on repeat and not get sick of?”

Think of it like the discussion questions you would get in English class, but way more fun.  

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

3. r/unpopularopinion

Unpopular opinions are popular discussion starters on social media and in real life. If that’s your thing, why not give this subreddit a try? It’s basically a hot spot where all of your unpopular opinions can be heard, discussed, and probably debated. 

Just like r/AskReddit, the threads and posts in r/unpopularopinion are pretty varied in terms of how serious they are. It’s a good destination if you’re in the mood to get your unpopular opinion off of your chest. But who knows? More times than not, you may find that your unpopular opinion isn’t quite as unpopular as you may originally think.

4. r/GifRecipes

Here’s a good pick if you frequent YouTube channels like Tasty. r/GifRecipes is a place on Reddit for recipes in GIF formats so they’re easy to follow. 

Cooking is an easy at home hobby that just about anyone can get into and get good at with the right amount of practice. This subreddit is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. 

It could be a good pick for you even if you’re not much of a home cook. Everyone knows that sometimes it’s cathartic to just watch some food being made. 

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

5. r/LifeProTips

While Reddit is typically a place for fun and entertainment, but there’s no reason you can’t improve your life a little bit at the same time. r/LifeProTips is full of Reddit threads supplied by fellow Redditors full of tips for improving your life in little ways. 

The subreddit comes with helpful flairs to categorize the pro tips that are featured. The pro tips fall into a variety of categories like arts and culture, careers and work, and productivity. Because it’s basically a crowd sourced operation, not every single pro tip is going to be a winner, but there are some helpful hints on there. 

One recent post, for example, tells Redditors that switching up your environment a little bit can have some great effects on your productivity and mood. 

6. r/askscience

If you were ever a Tumblr user, you may recall people calling upon the “science side of Tumblr” for all of their science themed inquiries. Think of this as the science side of Reddit. 

Take a browse through some existing threads to learn some new trivia facts. Or, make your own post and have all of your burning science questions answered. 

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

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7. r/weddingshaming

This is a trend that’s becoming more and more common on various social media platforms, Reddit included. People try so hard to make their wedding days as magical as possible, but sometimes they miss the mark in hilariously shareable ways. On the other hand, weddings tend to bring out the worst of people, which deserves to be shamed. 

For both of these reasons, r/weddingshaming is a great place to go to get your second hand drama fix. Find some outrageous stories about some too-bad-to-be-true bridezillas or some seriously tacky wedding decor. It’s entertaining to say the least, and even if you’re years away from getting married the stories on this subreddit can serve as a guide for what not to do. 

8. r/NuclearRevenge

Here’s another good subreddit if you’re looking for some juicy real-life stories to read. Like the title suggests, r/NuclearRevenge is home to revenge stories that are too epic to fall into the sister subreddits r/prorevenge or r/pettyrevenge. The revenge actions taken on this subreddit come with some serious fallout. 

Some of the stories that pop up on this subreddit feel too wild to be true sometimes. But regardless of how true they are, they’re some seriously good reads either way. There’s something so satisfying about reading stories where one way or another, justice is delivered to those who deserve it. 

9. r/bulletjournal

If you’re looking to be more productive, stop by the bullet journaling subreddit. r/bulletjournal can give you some inspiration for some spreads and collections to incorporate into your own bullet journal to improve your organization and time management. 

Plus, some of the designs and art work that people post on there are impressive, so even if you’re not a bullet journaler yourself taking a visit to this subreddit could be a satisfying time. 

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

10. r/HumansBeingBros

Stop by r/HumansBeingBros when you need to reinforce your faith in humanity. This subreddit is full of gifs, videos, and stories about people being selfless and helpful to others out of the goodness of their hearts. The world can be upsetting sometimes, but this subreddit can help remind you that not everything is bad all the time. 

10 Reddit Threads To Cure Your Boredom

What are some of your favorite subreddits to browse? Let us know in the comments!

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