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Red, White, And Blue Memorial Day Nails To Copy

Memorial Day nails are always such a fun way to decorate and accessorize your red, white and blue outfit! Memorial Day is full of cookouts, time with family and friends, and (weather depending) hopefully some time spent at the beach. Show off your best nails ever with these red, white, and blue themed nails that will get everyone asking where you got them done.

1. Alternating Colors

Alternating the color of each nail from red to white to blue to even silver or gold like in the picture below is such a fun way to decorate cute but simple Memorial Day nails. When I get my nails done, they are so short so I like to add an acrylic tip on them to add some length and make them more noticeable. It’s totally up to you though on what you decide. The possibilities are endless!

2. Stars

Stars are another great idea for some dazzling Memorial Day nails! You can easily get stars on all of your nails, or just a few. Getting your nails done is so much fun because you get to decide exactly how everything gets to look. There is no need to follow a certain trend when it is YOUR nails getting painted. You could do a white nail with red and blue stars, vice versa. The decision is yours. My go-to star nails look is white nails with red stars on my thumb and blue stars on my ring fingers! Just have fun with it!

3. American Flag

American flag nails are obviously a must for some stylish Memorial Day nails! The nails pictured below are super cute because three of the fingers are French tipped with a glittery lining, and then glittery stars and stripes on the middle and index fingers! How cute is that? Some nail places I have been to can literally paint mini flags on your finger if you would prefer that versus the stars and stripes trend. These nails are so much fun regardless of whatever style you have, so get ready to show off these dazzling Memorial Day nails!

4. Glitter Top Coat

Let me just say, glitter topcoat on your nails is absolutely trending right now. They have always been pretty popular, but I feel like the trend is coming back better and stronger than ever lately. You can go for a simple silver, gold, or even clear glitter to brighten up your nail look, or you could choose a color of glitter polish like in the image below. Glitter can make Memorial Day nails even more fun and flashy! Pictured below, the person has white nails with half red and half blue glitter polish on top. This makes a super fun stars and stripes look, but you don’t have to do it this way. You could simply just paint your nails red and/or blue and put a silver topcoat on it just to add some fun sparkle! I promise you that you will not regret this look if you are a glitter-lover!

5. Fireworks

Fireworks nails are yet another adorable nail idea for Memorial Day nails! They are so cute and so fun and easily achievable. Whether you get your nails done or do them yourself, these could be done either way! They sell thinner brush nail polishes at multiple different drug stores or beauty stores, to make drawing lines or other types of designs on your nails much easier. You could follow this image below and do a mixture of red white and blue nails with red and blue and silver fireworks on top of the white nail, or you could do all of your nails white with fireworks. Like I’ve said, it is entirely up to you. Just have fun with it and do what you think will look the best. The image below, though, is super cute for Memorial Day nails.

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6. Ombre

Ombre nails… I LOVE these so much! I actually have ombre nails on right now. Whenever I get ombre nails, I have to get dip as that is the best method to perfect the ombre look. Currently, my nails are a light pink base that slowly transcends into a brown tip. It is a very natural-looking ombre which is why I love it so much. However, the ombre style can also make the best Memorial Day nails if you do that red, white, and blue look! In the image below, the person pictured went for a glittery ombre look which is something I have never seen but it is so cute! You could even switch it up and go for a blue base with a red tip, etc. Totally give this nail look a try for some stylish Memorial Day nails!

7. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye nails are SO much fun and such a unique idea that I would say is rather new. I haven’t heard about or seen anyone with tie-dye nails until pretty recently, but you could say I’m obsessed. I mean, look at how cute they are! They make the best Memorial Day nails as well if you go for the red, white and blue look like in the image below! Now, if I’m being honest I have absolutely no idea how tie-dye nails are achieved. I mean seriously, how does a nail technician do that? They seem to be able to do just about any design, so I wouldn’t put it past them. These nails are also just so cute because they can be worn all of the time. You don’t need an occasion to rock the tie-dye look! I 100% recommend getting these!

I hope you guys loved these red, white, and blue-themed looks for the best Memorial Day nails ever! What would your ideal Memorial Day nails look like? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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Victoria Tustin

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