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Red Lipstick For Any Occasion

Red Lipstick For Any Occasion

You can wear red lipstick for any occasion, whether at work, on a dinner date, a ladies night out, or for the holidays. Here are the best ones!

No matter the season, no matter the occasion, red lipstick makes a statement. It’s timeless, chic and it’s the ultimate epitome of elegance and femininity. Red, in my head, goes with everything and looks good on everyone. Whether at work, on a dinner date, a girls night out, or for the holidays, you can wear red lipstick for any occasion.

Being one of the most universally flattering colors of lipstick. This staple lip color is more than likely found in every woman’s makeup bag and easily makes you look like you’ve got your sh*t together! She who dares to wear a red lip is a powerful woman. It doesn’t mean she’s loose or out on the prowl, and she isn’t wearing it for anyone but herself. Red lipstick makes her feel strong, it’s her fearless ally.

Red Lip At Work

For the office or not for the office? That’s the question. FOR THE OFFICE! By dressing your lips in red, it draws people’s attention to you, and forces people to take the words coming out of your mouth more seriously. It exudes bold, beautiful and about your business. Whether you work in fashion, journalism, or a corporate office, your everyday working woman can spruce up her style with the help of a red lip. Because wearing red lipstick to work is a total winner.


Girls Night Out

Add some sass to your night time look with the girls. This is your time to be fun flirty, and sexy, and what better way to do that than with a statement making red lip. Whether glossy, creamy, or powdery matte, this is the time where any red will do. Dress it up or dress it down, either way a woman in red for a night out on the town is guaranteed to turn heads. Oh, and don’t get in her way because she cannot be shaken.

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Dinner With Bae

The creme de la creme of date nights, a red lip is sure to give the seductive pout you need. You can wear it with almost anything, including black, white, grey, gold, and even red. But remember, it’s the highlight of your face so make sure to keep it subtle with the rest of your makeup. This classic date night look is perfect for keeping the sexy in your relationship.


Holiday Glam

Whether you’re rocking a classic red, a ruby red, or a deep red, they’ll all make your holiday glam bold and bright. With a red lip you can look your best for everything the holiday season requires of you. Maybe you’re attending a Christmas party or getting ready for a New Years Eve smooch, either way a red lip is the finishing touch you need for any holiday glam.

From the matte lipstick to the liquid lip stain to mega gloss and the lip pencil, finding your perfect match when it comes to red lipstick seals the fate of your look. So ladies, what red do you wear for any occasion?
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