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Red Flags To Look Out For Based On His Zodiac Sign

Red flags can be hard to spot! You’ve already seen his good qualities – that’s why you like him – but you need to know now are the red flags lurking behind those charming eyes. Here’s a friendly warning from the stars. It might surprise you. 


He’s hot. He’s exciting. He’ll take you down the highway on his motorcycle with no helmet on. But you might find yourself wondering when he’ll pump the brakes. The Ram only likes to use his head for hard fights, soft landings, and impulsive decisions. It might be forever before he tries using it for the right reasons – like biting his tongue before making an unflattering comment or postponing that backpacking trip across Europe until after he finishes his degree. Aries is the leader of his own life. You’re just along for the ride.


His red flags are hard to spot. Date nights are on the couch watching Netflix and eating snacks from 7-11, sleeping in past your alarm clock and never leaving the house. Cute, right? But what if you want to step out of your comfort zone? For some Bulls, there’s no such thing. A Taurus that’s too stubborn to try out a new restaurant more than once a year might be a warning about how to proceed. Although an adventurous, free-spirited Taurus may be rare, Bulls with their hooves dug too deep into the ground might not leave room for anything to grow.


He’s spontaneous. So spontaneous, he snuck you away from a stuffy dinner with your relatives and took you out to the boardwalk for coasters and cotton candy. He also bumped into a few good friends, completely forgot to introduce you, and left you outside the arcade alone while he caught up with them. This might seem rude or immature to you, but not for the Gemini, who lives life with his head in the clouds. If he’s too scatter-brained for you, swipe left.


This is the boyfriend every mom wants her princess to be with. He’s sweet as sugar – until he’s not. If you find yourself laughing and cracking jokes with him and the next moment, he’s eerily quiet, you’ll probably wonder what you did wrong. These red flags might leave you feeling insecure. The truth is there’s a reason Cancer’s glyph is the Crab. He’s crabby. When he’s upset, he prefers to sulk at the bottom of the ocean – a realm so deep they call it, “The Depths of Despair”. If you dare to try and pry him out, you’ll be met with the Crab’s cold pincers. Be careful.


Leo is ruled by the Sun, so don’t be shocked when you realize the world revolves around him. One thing to know when stepping into the spotlight with Leo is, he’s not perfect – as much as he likes to try and convince you he is. Let’s be real, his confident ego was the first thing you noticed about him, and although charming, you’ve probably been wondering for a while when he’s going to pay you a compliment for once. Don’t bet on it. If you’re put off when he monologues instead of dialogues, cut your losses.


If you find yourself spending extra time scrutinizing yourself in the mirror before going out with a Virgo man, it’s not entirely your fault. Virgo’s keen eye for perfection can do just as much bad as it does good. There’s a stiff tension in the air when you feel lasers roving all over your chipped nail polish, chapped lips or eyeliner you put on this morning that could’ve been more snatched. Be on your guard – people tend not to notice how frustrating a judgmental Virgo can be until it all builds up to an implosive point.


He can’t decide between Mexican or Chinese. When you do finally pick a place for date night with him, his phone won’t stop pinging. He picks it up and tells you one of his million friends is throwing a party across town, and he’s so charming and persuasive, you let him talk you into going. You don’t notice his red flags until it’s too late. On date night. If you’re an introvert, this might be the kicker for you. Libra’s social life is a nonstop operation. His charisma is the kind to make him friends with people at the very top – but there’s no guarantee you won’t feel stuck at the bottom.


You party the whole night and crash at your friend’s place, and now he’s mad. The worst part is, he isn’t telling you why. If he’s already shown signs of being the jealous type before, then this might not be too surprising to you. But the real reason this Scorpio feels like you’re out of control is that he’s got no control. The darkest Scorpio needs complete dominion over his partner. If you’re starting to feel cornered by a Scorpio, this could be a sign to get out.

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Thrills and kills can lead to spills. This zodiac sign is perhaps the most exciting yet dangerous one on the block. Sag’s free spirit won your heart in an instant, but now his flight patterns have become erratic. He disappears from responsibilities, doesn’t show up for days, and becomes irritated when you “invade” his personal space. Sagittarians tend to get bored of relationships quickly. If it’s starting to become hard to trust him, it might be time to get off this crazy train before it spins off the rails.


Everything was going great in this relationship until the day you did that one thing. Now it’s like there’s this unapproachable distance between you. The most frustrating part is it happened months ago. He’s still upset about it. If you’re hoping one day, he’ll get over it and act normal again, the truth is, this is his normal. Capricorn is prone to holding grudges for a long time. A guy living on an emotional island can be a very depressing partner. He might decide to let you back in one day, but don’t count on it.


It’s been said the Aquarius is not easy to date, and there might be more than a couple reasons for this. Aquarius is independent and sometimes even detached. The biggest red flag for a sign like this is trust issues. You’ll know by the end of the first date after hearing all his conspiracy theories he doesn’t trust easy. Sometimes – in extreme cases – not at all. If this type of Aquarius doesn’t feel like he’s getting the truth out of you, he may resort to manipulation or even lies. Don’t get gaslighted.


He’s late. This is your fourth time rescheduling, and the jury is still out on if he’ll even show up. Pisces tend to live in their own thoughts and dreams, and unlike reality, those don’t have a schedule or responsibilities. It’ll smack you in the gob to notice that he’s forty-five minutes late to dinner with your parents but right on time for a movie or show. At some point, he’ll realize his dream future requires putting work in today – but at that point, you might already be a thing of the past.

Which red flags ring true to your past experiences? Share your stories in the comments below.

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