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10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

Finding the perfect recipe to cook with friends is always a fun time. Although we are all physically separated, food still has the power to bring us together and bring comfort when we need it most. The next time you hang out over a video call with friends, consider trying these recipes to prepare, cook and enjoy together. 

1. Breakfast frittata

If you are feeling like getting up early to hang out or just want to have breakfast for dinner (don’t blame you), making a frittata is a great breakfast recipe to make with friends. Comprised mainly of eggs and whatever ingredients you want, this is a recipe that is fun and easily customizable if you have different tastes than your friends. Served with fresh orange juice and a warm cup of coffee, this is truly the right way to start the day. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

2. Pancakes

Another breakfast recipe that is fun to make is pancakes. A classic breakfast staple, you can’t go wrong with a fresh stack of pancakes early in the morning or late at night. Combining a few simple ingredients together and catching up on life in quarantine is sure to be a fun way to bond and connect with your friends. You can even compete to see who can do the perfect pancake flip while laughing and joking with your friends. Just try not to make too much of a mess in your kitchen. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends


3. Sourdough bread

Let’s face it: bread is pretty underrated. It’s one of the most basic foods in our pantries but still makes up much of our meals. There’s also something to be said about making your own bread since that’s what many are doing during their time in quarantine. Taking pride in something you made is one of the best feelings, which is why you should try making your own sourdough bread with your friends. Just imagine bonding over the bread that you baked yourself. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

4. Sandwiches

What better way to put your bread to use than with a sandwich. Depending on your taste, you can really recreate any recipe for your favorite type of sandwich. You can load up on meats, veggies with plenty of condiments to spare. Even a simple grilled cheese sandwich is something you can take pride in with your friends as you grill it to perfection and include more ingredients to make it your own. A classic sandwich served with a side of chips makes for the perfect lunch to enjoy with friends.

5. Pasta carbonara

For more of a fancy lunch or dinner, try out this recipe for a pasta carbonara. Even if you are an amateur chef, you can still have fun with friends as you figure everything out together. Preparing the noodles is pretty simple as you let them boil over the stove, which then leaves you to decide what to include including thick-cut bacon, grated romano cheese, and parsley. Eating this traditional Italian dish, you should definitely feel more confident in your cooking skills which is something you can definitely take pride in during your time in quarantine. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends


6. Street tacos

A comfort food if there ever was one, classic street tacos are sure to bring back memories of going out and getting a quick meal from a food truck or any number of authentic Mexican restaurants. Street tacos are pretty easy to assemble and prepare using corn tortillas and as many ingredients as you want. From seasoned beef, chicken or just using vegetables and a variety of toppings, you can never really go wrong with making tacos for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Without even needing a recipe, you can create your taco masterpiece and share with your friends. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

7. Burritos and burrito bowls

Yet another classic Mexican-inspired dish that is perfect to make along with friends are burritos. Even without tortillas, a burrito bowl still keeps the best part of a burrito in a much more cleaner format. Just like tacos, you can customize your bowl to your liking, preparing any number of savory ingredients to combine together as you talk with your friends like you would under more normal circumstances. A typical burrito recipe would include a base of rice and beans and any number of ingredients that suit your taste. You can always try your hand at wrapping it all together, but if you haven’t got the technique down yet you can always enjoy in a bowl. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

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8. Pizza 

Yet another crowd-pleaser, is a pizza freshly delivered and served at plenty of social gatherings. Even though social gatherings have turned digital, you can always enjoy having pizza from the comfort of your home while still enjoying the company of your friends. The dough is pretty straightforward using flour, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil. Once it is all stretched out is where you add marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and your choice of toppings. You can always make it a personal size to enjoy with your friends or large size to enjoy in the days to come.

9. Whipped Dalgona coffee

One of the trendiest recipes that have been circulating is whipped Dalgona coffee. Similar to the Korean style of whipped coffee, this recipe joins one of the more innovative ways to enjoy coffee. Making the whipped part of this recipe is pretty easy using ground coffee, sugar, and hot water. Mix these three ingredients using a mixer or simply mix yourself. Once mixed, this should form a creamy light brown texture. Next, pour your choice of milk halfway in a glass and top with your whipped coffee. For extra flavor, sprinkle some cinnamon and your whipped coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Of course, this drink is better enjoyed with friends so make this drink with your friends and do a virtual cheers. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends

10. Banana bread

Another recipe people are turning to during quarantine is banana bread. It’s easy to see why as baking can serve as a comfort activity and plus it is just delicious. The ingredients include flour, baking soda, salt, butter, brown sugar, 2 eggs, and 2 bananas. First, you will need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (175 Celcius). Mix your dry and wet ingredients separately, then combine and stir together in one bowl. Pour into a loaf pan and place it into the oven. After an hour, your banana bread will be ready to enjoy. Even if it’s your first time baking, you will be sure to have fun figuring things out with your friends and possibly find a new hobby you can do together. 10 Recipes To Make For Virtual Hangouts With Friends


Which recipes are you excited to try out with your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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