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5 Recipes That Use Avocados You Have To Try ASAP

5 Recipes That Use Avocados You Have To Try ASAP

Raise your hand if you are as obsessed with avocados as the rest of the internet is! Avocados are a wonderful and nutritional fruit. Strangely enough, an avocado is considered a fruit, it is comparable to a large berry. Avocados are just as tasty, as they are trendy. In this article are 5 simple recipes that include avocados. Each recipe is packed with nutritious value, and exactly what you need for summer.

1. Guacamole

With Cinco De Mayo, occurring not too long ago, guacamole is the perfect recipe that includes avocado. Now everyone can have guacamole to accompany their margaritas on Taco Tuesday. Making guacamole at home is not only simple, but way healthier than buying prepackaged guacamole. By making fresh homemade guacamole, the extra sugars, artificial flavoring, and extra sodium are left out of the equation, making it a much healthier option. This way the chef can control what goes into their guacamole.

Guacamole is an awesome option, because it is so versatile, and can have many different variations. The ingredients needed to make a basic guacamole recipe would be 2 ripe avocados, half a purple onion, 1 tomato, 1 lime, and cilantro. To begin, slice the avocados, and remove the pits. Scoop out the soft inside, and place into a bowl. Next, dice up a tomato into small cubes. Add to the bowl. Do the same with the onion, and add to the bowl. Finely dice up a bit of cilantro. A little goes a long way. Then squeeze the juice of a lime to the mix. Add salt. Then begin to mash everything together, until the desired consistency is reached. Lastly, add more salt to reach desired taste. This simple avocado recipe takes no longer than ten minutes to whip up, and will be a great addition to any Mexican cuisine dinners.


2. Turkey Burger With Avocado

Turkey burgers are a great source of protein, and can be low in fat. When trying to eat healthier, ground turkey is an awesome option since it tends to be leaner. Ground turkey is a good option if you are trying to cut out beef. An avocado is a great addition to a turkey burger, for a serving of healthy fat. This recipe calls for a pound of ground turkey, 2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons of diced onion, 1 egg white, parsley, a ½ a garlic clove, salt, and pepper. Lastly, ½ an avocado but that is added towards the end. Begin by mixing the ground turkey, bread crumbs, onion, parsley, egg whites, garlic, salt, and pepper to the bowl. Do not forget to make sure the egg whites are whipped before being tossed into the mix. This should make around 4-5 patties, depending on the size. Next cook the patties over medium heat, flipping every now and then until the patties are cooked.

Next slice up an avocado to top off the turkey burger. Any additional toppings are optional! This delicious recipe should take no longer than a half hour to make.


3. Avocado Dressing

This green goddess avocado dressing is wonderful to add to a summer salad. Homemade dressing is wonderful since it is usually healthier and cheaper. Homemade dressings help avoid the typical high saturated fat content found in many store-bought salad dressings. The avocado dressing is high in vitamin C, and even fiber. Store-bought dressing is not even comparable to this high-quality dressing. This recipe produces around 4 servings, and can be saved for up to week if refrigerated. The ingredients needed for this is half an avocado, ¼ cup of grated parmesan, ¼ cup of plain yogurt, juice from 1 lime, parsley, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, pepper and salt. Throw this concoction into the blender, and blend until desired consistency. This dressing would go great on top of a spinach or kale salad, with cooked shrimp and slivered almonds. That of course, is just a suggestion and the dressing can be added to any salad of your choice.


4. Avocado Chocolate Smoothie

Most people have an uncontrollable sweet tooth, and it can be difficult to curve those cravings. People who are opting for a healthier version than a chocolate bar, look no further. The avocado chocolate smoothie is here to save the day, and everyone’s arteries! This decedent smoothie is a great option with summer just around the corner.

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This delicious smoothie recipe calls for one half of an avocado, cocoa powder, 1 cup of almond milk, some water, stevia, and salt. It does not matter what type of milk. Normal milk or any type of plant based milk can be used. Try chocolate milk or plant based milk to get a stronger chocolate flavor. Then add more stevia accordingly. This gets added to a blender and blended until it reaches the desired consistency. This recipe should make around 2 servings, and take no longer than 5 minutes to make. The smoothie is low carb and low calorie. Each serving is around 75 calories.  Essentially a healthy frosty from Wendy’s.


5. Avocado Toast

This last is the most basic avocado recipe known to man. This can be made in a variation of ways, with a variation of toppings. This recipe is super simple, since it only calls for only 2 ingredients. A bread of your choosing, and half an avocado. Begin by toasting the slice of bread. Then slice the avocado in half, and remove the pit. Scoop out the soft interior of the avocado. Once the bread is toasted to perfection, mash the avocado on top of the bread. Avocado toast is good plain, but as mentioned before toppings make it through the roof good. A popular topping is to add everything but the bagel seasoning. This seasoning can be found at just about any grocery store, even Aldi.  Honey or Agave is great to add to avocado toast for a sweeter option. If you are a big fan of BLT’s you can add a slice of bacon, tomato, and lettuce. This would be a great lunch option. Any type of cooked egg is a great addition. It does not matter if the eggs are scrambled or over easy.


No matter how you prefer to eat avocado, there is endless combinations of ways to get creative in the kitchen. Try out some of these great recipes to get that avocado fix! Let us know which recipes were your favorites in the comments below!