Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

You always here how breakfast is the most important meal to have, and it is true! It will give you the energy you need to tackle everything you need to do throughout the day. There are so many recipes out there to give you ideas on what to eat, especially vegan breakfasts! If your diet is vegan or not, these recipes for a tasty vegan breakfast are definitely worth a try. 

Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie 

Something quick and easy to make in the morning is a smoothie! You can pack it with your favorite fruits, add a bit of plant-based milk, and you are ready for the day in no time. This pineapple blueberry smoothie can become your new favorite combination!

The recipe calls for pieces of pineapple, blueberries, a ripe banana, almond milk and chia seeds. Blend it together and this tasty vegan breakfast will not only give you energy but also give you a lot of vitamin C. 

Recipies For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Pancakes 

Everyone loves to eat pancakes for breakfast in the morning. Topping them with delicious fruit can make them even better! With the fall season getting closer, vegan apple cinnamon pancakes sound perfect for a chilly morning.

Making these pancakes is easier then your might think! The recipe’s measurements makes enough for about 4 people. First you have to mix almond milk with apple cider vinegar, let it sit for 5 minutes, to create a butter milk consistency. Then in a separate bowl you mix all the dry ingredients, and add in the almond milk, coconut oil and grated apple. That creates your pancake batter, and you make the pancakes!

Next you add the apple topping, to satisfy your sweet tooth. This is a tasty vegan breakfast perfect for family and friends!

Recipies For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Blueberry Poptarts 

Poptarts are a tasty breakfast treat that every kid likes to have. You too can feel like a kid again by making vegan blueberry poptarts at home! How incredible is that! It is something quick and yummy to eat while having your morning coffee. They are a healthy alternative to traditional poptarts.

The advantage of making them at home, gives you the liberty to make them exactly how you want them! With more filling and less frosting, or less filling and more frosting.

The recipe makes up to 6 poptarts. It gives you the steps to makes the blueberry filling, the crust and the glaze. This tasty vegan breakfast treat will become one of your favorites in no time!

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Easy Vegan Cinnamon Buns 

If you have a sweet tooth, these easy vegan cinnamon buns are the tasty breakfast treat for you! If there is a morning that you can take your time and bake, you should definitely make these.

As the recipe says, they really are easy to make. It doesn’t require having to wait for the yeast to rise, it is only 10 ingredients. There is also a video of the recipe if you prefer to watch as you do.

Once you have made your dough and rolled it out flat, you add the cinnamon sugar filling, roll into buns and then cut them. You put them in the oven and finally add the icing, as simple as that! These cinnamon buns are so good you might not even want to share! 

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Savory Vegan Breakfast Bowl 

This tasty vegan breakfast is great if you like more of a savory breakfast. This savory vegan breakfast bowl combines many healthy vegetables.

The recipe shows cooked diced potatoes, grilled cherry tomatoes, spinach and some avocado. All will make you full and give you plenty of energy for the day.

The recipe also gives instructions on how to make scrambled eggs out of silken tofu! It serves up to two people and is only 15 minutes of prep and 20 minutes of cooking. This breakfast bowl is easy to make and worth a try!

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Avocado Pesto Grilled Cheese 

This recipe is quick, easy and yummy to make for breakfast. This vegan avocado pesto grilled cheese is full of flavor and a great option when you are craving a bit of cheese, using vegan cheese of course.

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Grilling your sandwiches also gives it a different taste! The recipe’s ingredients are your choice of bread, 2 slices of vegan cheese, vegan green pesto, avocado, and spinach. This twist on a grilled cheese sandwich is a great way to start your day. 

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Hash Brown Omelette 

Omelettes and hash browns are breakfast foods that everyone knows and enjoys. You can combine them and turn them into a tasty vegan breakfast! This vegan hash brown omelette is simply and easy to make and will make your mouth water. 

The recipe’s ingredients include 1 lb of shredded potatoes, spinach, mushrooms and spices of your choice. You first cook the potatoes, as if it were your egg in an omelette. Once they are crispy, you set them aside and cook the spinach and mushrooms and add the spices. Finally you put the vegetables on one side of the hash browns, fold it over and serve with a dipping sauce! 

It is a great meal to get full in the morning but also have the benefits of eating plenty of nutrients. Try it out and enjoy your delicious breakfast!

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Tofu Scrambled Eggs 

Sometimes tofu doesn’t have the best taste, but it is perfect for adding spices and creating a meal you do like! This tofu scrambled eggs recipe helps you do just that! This recipe uses a vegetable broth technique, it is what gives it the tasty flavor and creamy texture.

First you heat up your skillet and add non-dairy butter, for a more creamy taste, add your tofu and spices. Then cut up the tofu to look like scrambled eggs. You then add the vegetable broth, one tablespoon at a time. Finally season with salt and pepper!

You add bread and a side of berries and you have the perfect tasty vegan breakfast!

Recipes For A Tasty Vegan Breakfast

Which recipe are you excited to try out? Are there other tasty vegan breakfast items that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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