10 Reasons You’re Already Over Winter Break

When finals are over, everyone looks forward to the break that comes after the monstrosities. Winter break is one of the longest in college history (not counting summer break of course); however, even when you are kicking back and relaxing, there are days when you are totally over winter break. So, while you’re counting your fingers and lying in bed thinking of something fun to do, here are ten reasons I’ve listed when you are already over winter break.

1. When the Days Start to Blur Together.

Obviously, when you’re on vacation whether that is sitting at home doing nothing, or going on a fabulous trip every day; you lose track of the day you’re on. A Wednesday where high schoolers are going to school can be confusing if you think it’s Saturday. This happens to a lot of people during a break, but when you don’t have anything to do during the week, it’s impossible to get the days in order.


2. Stuff That Usually Kept You Entertained Now Bore the Hell Out of You.

There are certain things we all wish to do over winter break. For a lot of us, it’s to catch up on good Tv shows we missed, get in on the great internet at home, or read books that were put on the backburner while we studied for exams and quizzes. All of these sound great at first, but once we catch up on our shows or finish our books, we are bored to death and nothing seems fun anymore. Makes us wish that winter break was over.


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3. When You’re Broke, and Have No One to Spend Your Break With.

Having someone to spend your break with besides family is a good way to pass the time, however, when you originally had no friends from high school and no money to go anywhere, your break can end up being a bust. During the school year is when people make the most friends, so coming home for the break can be great for people or a letdown for others.


4. Missing Your Friends From College.

In college, there are a lot of activities you could do when classes were finished. Whether it was going to the pizzeria, the movies, or just hanging out in the dorm rooms your friends gave you entertainment. Of course, when winter break arrives, there is that aching feeling that is calling you back to the friends you are missing. When you all live in different cities or even states, you just hope winter break passes so you can be reunited once again.


5. When Your Pets Start to Annoy You.

Pets are great to have around when you first come home. The way they cuddle against you when you’re watching a movie, or when they are excited to greet you when you first arrive. Nothing warms your heart more than love from a pet; however, you realize after a while (especially if you have a dog or cat) that when you try to catch some z’s, your pet is barking or meowing at nine in the morning or late at night. It starts to happen every day for the next two weeks, and you are suddenly wishing winter break to be over as quick as it came.


6. Knowing That New Year’s Kiss Isn’t Going to Happen.

Spending Christmas and New Year’s with your family is what winter break is all about. Spreading the love, seeing who will get sappy over the first Christmas movie first, and opening those Christmas presents. With New Year’s it’s all about spending those last few minutes of the year with your family, spending it with your significant other. What makes you want winter break over is seeing all the posts of your friends with their boy(girl)friends sharing that sixty-second lip lock. Even being surrounded by family who kiss their wives or husbands just makes you wish winter break was over.


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7. Checking Your School Schedule Over and Over.

A lot of students tend to be over from college when they get home from winter break. After finals, any type of drama, sickness, or physical strain no one is ready to head back to classes. There are some students, who are excited for their next set of classes, they check their schedule even when it reads the same results. If that is you, then you obviously want winter break to come to an end.


8. Getting the Coolest Clothes for Christmas.

Of course, when you get clothes for Christmas, you are either saying hell yeah! Or not again. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles and aunts either have a sense of your style, or they are off your radar completely. It is nice, however, when you do get something nice from them depending on if it’s just a sweater or a full-blown wardrobe change. We all know those ill-fated words that come when getting new clothes for Christmas. “Wait until you go back to school before you can wear them.” If you have sweet threads, of course, you want to show them off. This makes you wish winter break will move along as fast as possible.


9. The Freedom of Being Independent is Gone.

When you are in college, especially a college or university that has a dormitory, you experience a sense of freedom of independence. Meaning, you can eat whatever you want, go out whenever you want, and pretty much do whatever you want because you are on your own. Whether you are only a few miles away or several states away, there is that sense of freedom calling.

Most teenagers or young adults want this in their lives, and it is hard to come back home for winter break when you know that sense of freedom is taken away. You are back under your parent’s rules (if you are a freshman/sophomore that is) and those freedoms you had when away at college are limited because you should follow your parent’s rules. To most teenagers or young adults, this irritates them, and you are just counting down the days to when winter break is over.


10. Working Until Your Feet Fall Off.

Lots of teens or young adults have jobs over the summer and when they go to school, they take off work for months while they get their education. Then, when they come back for winter and summer break they go back to work until the break is over. Sounds like a good way to pick up some extra money. The downside, many people over schedule their hours for their whole break. No one wants their whole break to be taken up by work. Especially if it’s a job that you don’t like. This is the time when you wish for winter break to be over. Because you would rather deal with boring classes than a nine to five job, so you’re already over winter break.


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