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5 Reasons You Should Watch A Musical If You Haven’t

5 Reasons You Should Watch A Musical If You Haven’t

5 Reasons You Should Watch A Musical If You Haven't

The experience of going to a musical is something that you can’t get elsewhere. Admittedly, my first ever was in Broadway and that has set the standards soaring high since, but the thrill and withdrawals I get after every show are so addictive. It gives you a new perspective and admiration for art and the artists, and you’ll only leave each show already planning your next, disregarding the hole in your pocket.

1. The Singing, The Atmosphere

This goes without saying but the set will always, always, be beautifully decorated. The people working at the show rightfully deserve their standing ovation. You get none of the blasted speakers you’re so used to at our typical concerts, the actors and actresses have voices so pure, so crisp, so clear-sounding, their voices seem to have been blessed by the angels. I sit awe-struck all night every time.


2. The Orchestra

You may not notice the orchestra or band playing at the bottom of the stage. There’s almost a pit for them which I loathe because I think they notice all the praise and attention too for being so magically in-sync with the performers and for creating the best “backdrop” for the performers’ sweet voices. If even one party is out of tune, the whole show goes off. But I understand completely of course, that they’re just the accompaniment so we can’t exactly have them in sight like we do at a concert. I had the luxury of sitting front row once and I had the best of both worlds, I was so intrigued by what’s on stage and under it, watching everyone work to make it one of the best nights of my life.

3. A Movie You Won’t Be Disappointed In

If you think you’ve already watched Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, to list a few, in theatres and think that you don’t need to rewatch the musical version – you’re absolutely wrong. The movies will never match up to the audience interaction you get in a musical. I don’t mean that they’d engage you per se, but it’s just different, like hearing your favourite singer live in concert as compared to him or her on Spotify.

Besides, there’s almost always a redeeming factor. Hate the plot? The singing is still great. The performers suck? Which I highly doubt would happen in the first place, the choreography is amazing. You will rarely leave the theatre feeling like you threw your money down the sewers.

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4. Feeling A Certain Way and Meeting Like-Minded Individuals

I got chills so many times, it’s insane. I went for my first musical alone because my parents weren’t interested but that wasn’t even any of my worries. During intermission, the lady beside me struck up conversation, telling me that it was her third time watching the same show and she was just surprised to see that the new leading lady was so young. We proceeded to talk about other shows that she had been to and gave me recommendations should I ever come back. I was only 17 then, I came in on a whim with barely any knowledge but I left feeling swell with a newfound appreciation for performing and music. I can’t fully describe the feeling, you just got to experience it yourself.


5. Educational Value

They teach history, or they talk about both present and past social and political issues, and you get to learn about them through engaging and exciting ways. The performers who have trained for years put on their best faces, and you’re able to empathise with them even from rows away. You feel as though you’re Jean Valjean, resigned to fate and tired of life but still full of love for humanity, seeing the best in people.

Have you been to a musical? Tell me your favourites in the comments below!

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