10 Reasons You Should Never Settle In A Relationship

Never settle in a relationship you aren’t 100% satisfied with. Everyone deserves to find love! We’ve all have ideas or the need to be in a relationship. You’ve either laid in bed and wondered if your perfect match is searching for you! Yes, that special someone is probably dating someone else currently but they will enter your life! Setting in a relationship can lead to ruining friendships and changing your personality.

Some people tend to change their personalities once entering a relationship. No shade, but thirsty people tend to settle in relationships. We all have that friend who will settle for any person just to brag about being in a relationship! If you’re feeling lonely and want to satisfy the craving of love and affection, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Patience is the key when it comes to anything in life. Here are 10 reasons why you should never settle in a relationship.

1. Being Single Is Actually Fun

YES I SAID IT! Being single is actually fun for many reasons. You’re constantly learning new things about yourself and discovering likes and dislikes. Another benefit is not having to deal with someone’s feelings or having to limit yourself to certain activities and gatherings. Most importantly, you won’t have to spend money! Being single will be easier for your bank account! This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

2. Your Partner Will Bother You

You will genuinely get annoyed with the guy you chose to settle in a relationship. Yes our partners will bother us, but if they constantly irritate you that’s a major problem!

3. You Will Compare Him To Other Guys!

You will have a wandering eye! There’s a chance you’ll be comparing your partners looks and personality with other guys. Those other guys could be your guy friends or random acquaintances and strangers. If you are currently comparing you partner with other guys, then it’s time to let him go!

4. You’ll Start To Regret The Relationship

You will regret settling for a relationship! You won’t be happy or wish you had waited for the one. You will meet other guys and think about wanting to leave your partner.

5. It Will Ruin Your Platonic Relationships

Your brutally honest friends will tell the truth about your relationship. As the brutally honest friend, I always let friends know if they’re settling. Don’t ruin your friendships for someone who isn’t a priority to you.

6. It Will Lower Your Self Esteem

You won’t feel confident because you’re not truly feeling the person. Most importantly, you’ll feel bad because you are wasting your time and that person’s time! You shouldn’t be with someone who isn’t going to help boost your confidence and make you a better person. This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

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7. The Relationship Will Feel Forced

It’s obvious when someone is settling for a relationship. Relationship settlers just look awkward or act completely different around their significant other. There’s no point of putting a false persona or changing your personality just to be with someone (it’s so fucking corny)! This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

8. You Deserve Better

Patience is the key to all things in life! Be patient and keep yourself distracted. Put yourself out there and do some outdoor activities, there’s a chance you’ll meet someone who likes the same things like you. We all deserve someone who will treat us as a main priority! This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

9. You Won’t Be Happy

You won’t be satisfied because you’re settling just to be in a relationship. Imagine being with someone and not feeling satisfied with the way you’re being treated. I’d rather be happy than have to deal with someone who isn’t catching my attention.This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

10. You Won’t Meet Your Perfect Match

Being stuck in a relationship that has no value will ruin your chances of finding the one! Stop settling for guys who don’t deserve your time and feelings! Finding and falling in love is meant to be a long process. There is no shortcuts to finding a soulmate! This is a reason why you should never settle in a relationship.

Have you ever settled for a relationship? What was the outcome? Are there any other reasons why you should never settle in a relationship? Comment below and share with your friends!
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