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10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

Move to Boston and you’ll be welcomed by a warm and beautiful city environment. With great history and Ivy League colleges all in the area, Boston is without a doubt one of the greatest cities in the US. It is a place you’ll just have to visit to experience the great passion of the people, their determination and fun-loving vibes. You will find people anywhere from chill to preppy and you will find tons of entertainment, shopping and Boston pride all around the city. 

1. Fenway Park

If you’re a lover of baseball then moving to Boston is probably the best decision you’ll ever make! During baseball season you can find Fenway tickets from basically anyone in Boston making it super easy to get some seats, any seats at all, within the stadium. It truly is a whole experience sitting in the stands, getting a beer with some friends and maybe a Franks hot dog. It’s the first Boston tourist event you should experience! Even better if you go to a game against the Mets or Yankees, there will be high energy in the stadium, an energy that you can only experience in the stands. 

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

2. Smaller City Vibes 

Boston is unlike any city in size. Just like your small liberal arts college, Boston mirrors the atmosphere of knowing everyone and consistently seeing the same people around the bars you love and the streets you walk daily. So if you were worried about running into your hookup from last weekend, Boston may not be the city for you because you will most definitely run into them again. It may not seem small, but Boston’s hotspots make it a small pond to go fishing. 

But if you are also someone who gets anxious and terrified of living in a city that is just so big and you know you’ll get lost, then Boston is the best place to soothe those feelings. It is an easily navigated city and it isn’t too big where you feel lost in the crowds. Yet Boston is big enough where you can still avoid some things and people you don’t want to see. 

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

3. Where all of New England Thrives 

Like I said about Fenway, there is a lot of Boston pride. Boston seems to be the capital city of New England if there ever were one. People who live in Boston are extremely proud of the city and its large history that goes way back in time. By Fanuel Hall you’ll even see people giving historical Boston Tea Party tours. It truly is something you won’t see anywhere else and it becomes a part of the Boston experience. If you love New England vibes and enjoy everything Boston has to offer then the move to Boston is probably perfect for you. 

4. Art And Museums

Check out all Boston has to offer in terms of art. There is entertainment and comedy everywhere and most of all great areas to check out some historical art. You have the Boston Museum of Science, the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, and my personal favorite the Museum of Fine Arts which is right near Northeastern University. It is in a really nice area of Boston and pretty close to a T stop but there is also a parking garage right next to the Museum. It is a must-do if you love art and history so do not miss out if you’re planning on visiting Boston or even moving to the great city. 

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

5. Fun and Chill Bars 

The nightlife in Boston is pretty lively! Most graduated college-age kids who went to school in New England tend to travel down and move to Boston to get the same New England experience their college gave. Since there are a ton of colleges within Boston itself and then surrounding in Massachusetts it becomes very easy to take a quick train or ride into the city for a night out. Most of the bars are chill, lively and have quite a social vibe upon entering. People in Boston are loud and always ready to have a good time. There isn’t a night out in Boston that won’t get just a bit weird or have a fun twist. 

People are social and ready to meet new people while also having the best possible time whenever they go out! So if you love a chill and social atmosphere with a wild outgoing vibe, then move to Boston because you will love the nightlife! 

6. Great Shopping 

Whether you choose to stop by Fanuel Hall for some shopping at the vendors or stores surrounding the building or you go to Newbury Street for a bit more expensive fashion tastes, you’ll find shopping anywhere and everywhere in Boston. It may be quite expensive but if you are someone who loves to go out for a day and explore all the fashion a city has to offer then check out Boston! It may be a bit preppy and chic but if that is your kind of style then you will without a doubt find the trendy clothing and accessories you are looking for! 

7. Interesting History: The Boston Tea Party 

When I say interesting, I mean it. Boston, as we all know, played a great big part in the fight for independence from the British and if we’re being honest the Boston Tea Party was a highlight of all New England elementary school history classes. There have even been plays created in the name of the Boston Tea Party, one of which my fourth-grade class enacted (yes I am from New England couldn’t you tell from my love of Boston). 

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You can even go on a tour near Fanuel Hall that will go through the history of the Boston Harbour and the Boston Tea Party, with someone dressed up in old historical clothing. It is something you can’t miss when visiting Boston and it will probably be something to giggle at when passing by. But people love it and it has added to the Boston Pride to stand strong in our convictions and stick to our word. But to also be aggressively assertive when totally unnecessary hence the given name “Masshole.”

8. All The Entertainment 

Like I said before, you have Fenway, The House of Blues concert hall, Fanuel Hall which turns into a club/ bar at night, and loads of fun and interesting bars that will bring out your love for music and everything chill. Boston truly is a city you don’t want to miss out on, especially when it comes to all of the amazing entertainment that is offered. 

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

9. Some Amazing Schools 

Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Boston College, all wonderful and popular schools that encapsulate what it means to be a Bostonian. Someone who enjoys the intelligence, the rigor, and creativity of these schools will also love Boston and it’s a medium paced lifestyle. 

10. Some Amazing Districts 

Okay, think of all the beautiful Boston hotspots and old cobblestone streets to take pictures! Cambridge is a favorite of many even though it is ridiculously expensive to live there. However, many of the districts surrounding the inner city are all beautiful, chill, and where the true Boston pride thrives.

10 Reasons You Should Move To Boston

Do you live in Boston already? Tell us about your favorite things to do in Boston and why it’s your favorite city!  

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