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15 Reasons You Should Join UC Greek Life

15 Reasons You Should Join UC Greek Life

Greek life may seem cliche to a college experience but there are several perks to rushing. UC Greek life, sororities and frats are a blast. Here's why!

With recruitment coming up very soon I thought writing an article on why you should join Greek life would help girls and guys decide whether they want to go through recruitment. I recently joined Delta Delta Delta in the spring. I did not get to experience the pressure going through formal recruitment. With that being said I will be experiencing my first formal recruitment on the other side but I’m just as nervous as those who will be trying to join Greek life. I definitely regret not going through formal recruitment last fall, but I have still been able to get all of the great benefits of joining my sorority. For those of you who are unsure if you should go Greek, here are 15 reasons why you should join UC Greek life.

1. Building Friendships

Joining Greek life gives you so many new friends. These friends will also be life long sisters/brothers. Coming in as a freshman you may not know many people. well joining Greek life will automatically give you tons of friends and support systems. You will have people to study with you, go on lunch dates and you may even have class with some of the people in your sorority/fraternity. So if you struggle making friends on campus going Greek is a great way to make some life long friendships.


2. Support Systems

Your sisters/brothers will be great support systems. If you’re every going through tough times you will always have your sisters/brothers there for you and they most likely will be able to relate to your problems.

3. Participating in Philanthropies

Each sorority/fraternity has its own philanthropy. This is such a great way to give back and to connect with your sisters/brothers even more. Many people connect find their fit because of the philanthropy, like me. One of my main reasons I joined Tri Delta was because I am so passionate about St. Jude. One of the best things about Philanthropies is the events every sorority and fraternity has. There’s always events going on where sororities and fraternities are selling food for their philanthropy, so if you love food and you love giving back Greek life is a great place for you!


4. Learning Valuable Life Skills

Joining Greek life gives you valuable life skills that you can use inside and outside of school.  You must learn to communicate with those in your sorority or fraternity and work closely with others in an effort to accomplish a mutual goal. Other general skills include public speaking, planning, time management, leadership, and prioritizing your responsibilities.


Leadership is a great way to get involved in your sorority/fraternity. There are many leadership positions available that also give you great valuable life skills. Getting a little will also give you great leadership skills.


6. Networking

Joining a sorority or fraternity will give you so many networking opportunities. sororities and fraternities are known nationwide so you can get connections through your brothers and sisters, philanthropies, community service and campus involvement. These networking opportunities can help you get a foot in the door wherever you may need to be.


7. Get Involved on Campus

Joining Greek life will give you the chance to get as involved on campus as much as you want. not only will your sorority or fraternity will host their own events, but others will also have them so you can attend as many as you want! another great way to get involved is homecoming where all sororities and fraternities get together before the homecoming game!

8. Social

This is one of the main reasons people join Greek life if they don’t know much about it (this is why I joined). You make so many friends in and outside of your sorority after joining Greek life. You’ll make so many friends that you’ll have plans for everyday of the week for a month. That may be a bit of exaggeration but you will always be doing fun things with your brothers/sisters outside of your sorority or fraternity.


9. Formal/Semi

Formals and semi formals are always what I look forward to during the semester. Its kind of like a high school dance but you’re surrounded by all your sisters or brothers, which makes it more fun! This is a time where you get to dress up and take tons of pictures and have a great time with your best friends.


10. Endless support

Joining greek life will give you endless support. You will always have someone there for you. Your sorority or fraternity will become your second home. Its amazing how supportive everyone is even if you aren’t close with everyone in your chapter.

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11. Scholarships

Many chapters in Greek life offer scholarships. These scholarships will help with tuition costs, which will take a little stress off your shoulders so you can enjoy your college experience even more!

12. Community Service

This is very similar to the philanthropies I was talking about earlier. Many sororities and fraternities require you to complete a certain number of community service hours. This may seem like a drag, but if you can find something you love to do and you do it with your best friends it makes it more fun!


13. Never Alone

When first joining UC Greek life you will feel so overwhelmed because there are so many people to talk to. This is a good thing because you’ll never be alone. You will get to know someone new everyday or get to know new things you may never have known about your brothers or sisters. You will always have someone to talk to.


14. Never Bored

With all the things you can participate in you will never be bored. This is why I loved joining UC Greek life. There is always something going on. It may seem overwhelming at first but its always fun and you’ll never be bored.

15. Great College Experience

I know UC Greek life isn’t for everyone. Honestly I didn’t think it was for me at first either but after joining it completely changed my perspective. Joining my sorority has changed my college experience for the better. I really struggled through my first semester of college having not made friends. I decided to join a sorority to see if that would help and it did. Joining UC Greek life is such a great college experience an I think everyone should try it!


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