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5 Reasons You Should Join Chappell Players At SJU

5 Reasons You Should Join Chappell Players At SJU

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can be really lonely on St. John’s campus as stage addicts and those who want to be the power behind the actors. What with all the emphasis on sports and academics, we can sometimes feel like we’re thrown to the sidelines so to speak. But fret not! There is a community waiting for you with open arms. Coming from stage right, I present the Chappell Players Theatre Group. Keep reading for 5 reasons you should join Chappell Players at SJU!

1. New found friends.

I’m sure we all know or will know the feeling; you’re in a new environment, and you don’t know a single person there. You’re not sure where to turn. You try your classes, but maybe you don’t have too much luck. Then perhaps you come across an email or a flyer for the Chappell Players, and you take a chance and go to whatever event or audition it told you about. When you come in, you instantly feel like you are where you belong. I vividly remember the moment I entered my first Chappell Players meeting, and it was the first time since coming on campus that I didn’t feel alone; and I’m sure it can help other theatre kids too.

2. Shows year round to fit your schedule.

Whether you prefer musicals (beginning of the year), children’s shows (second semester), or one acts (after the children’s show), there is something for you to participate in, be it onstage or backstage. I’ve personally been in costumes for the three I’ve participated in, and those long rehearsals and late nights were the highlights of my life on campus.



3. Workshops for every interest.

Be it singing lessons, improv work, or directing, there is surely a workshop you would be interested in attending. I’ve never been to one myself, but from what people have told me, it’s really something you should experience at least once. Once you join the email list, you get informed every time one is coming up!

Improv is one of the best reasons you should join Chappell Players at SJU!

4. You don’t need to act!

People of all specialties are welcome to join the Chappell Players, be they actors, directors, builders, or if they have an eye for lighting. No job is too big or too small. Actors may be the front of the show, but without those of us working in the background, they would go up without costumes, sets, lighting, or music. Heck, they wouldn’t even know where to go on stage without the director! So everyone is welcome, not just actors.



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5. Your SJU family!

When you’re away from your family for such a long time out of the year, you can begin to feel like you’re alone. Aside from getting friends in Chappell Players, you also receive a family. And if nothing else has convinced you, then out of all of the reasons you should join Chappell Players at SJU, this surely will.



Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join our family! Look out for flyers around campus, a table at the campus groups event, or send a message to to get added to the email list!

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