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8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

Here are afew reasons why is beneficial to go running with your dog. These tips will open your mind of how healthy this can be for your lifestyle.

Aren’t dogs the best? They love you 24/7. When you’re eating, when you’re sleeping, when you in the shower even when you’re – dare I say it – exercising, those animals adore the heck out of their owners. Running on the other hand does not love you. It makes you sweat, it makes you hurt, it makes you tired. It does lead to weight loss but that’s besides the point. So what if you combined what loves you and what hates you? Here’s 8 reasons you should go running with your dog.

1. It’s Good For You

If you haven’t already heard running is a good exercise to do. It’s pretty boring and repetitive but the benefits (your muscles get stronger, it lowers your blood pressure, you lose weight) far out way the fact that running, as an exercise, sucks. If, like me, you really hate it but you want to see a change in yourself then switch it up a bit and go running with your dog. Because even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll be getting a good workout alongside your four legged friend.

8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

2. It’s Good For Them

Just like it makes us stronger, running is also beneficial for your dog. Running alongside them keeps them from pushing themselves to hard but it still a great way to help their bones get stronger and get their blood pumping around the body. It prevents them from gaining too much weight that will cause problems for them later one. And also, they’ll enjoy doing it. Dogs love to run, so improve your doggy’s happiness and take them running with you.

8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

3. They Might Push To Work Harder

If you’ve got a someone who loves running along with you, except they’ve got two extra legs then you have, well you might find that you’ll be trying a little harder to keep up. Being pushed to work harder is a great way to progress your workout and bringing your dog along to do it is a great way to start getting stronger as a runner. They will always try to keep up with you, or try and run faster so make sure they know you’re in charge before you get going, otherwise it’s a great reason to be taking your dog running.

4. You Might Enjoy It More

And if you don’t then your dog certainly will. But think about it for a second, having your dog along might make your running experience much more enjoyable than it has been previously because 1. you have company and 2. the company is the animal that would basically do anything for you including going for a run with you. With an extra helping hand, you might find it less boring, more of a challenge and much more fun than usual, so take your dog for a daily run with you.

8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

5. You Won’t Be As Competitive

Going running with a friend might seem good at first but after a while things might get a little difficult. See, you might not realise but you’ll start comparing yourself to them, who runs faster, who’s losing more weight, who looks better will start running through your mind. So you may as well save yourself the misery and go running with your fur covered friend. They’re not going to judge you, or compete with, they’ll only love spending every minute running alongside you. Just another good reason to go running with your dog when you exercise.

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8 Reasons You Should Go Running With Your Dog

6. It’ll Motivate You To Run

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but dogs are really enthusiastic about going for walks so they’ll pretty much be the best motivation that you need to get your butt out the door and get running. They need a walk at least twice a day, so if your going to be out walking them at some point then you may as well go running with your dog and kill two birds with one stone. Plus, at the end of the run they’ll be super happy and nothing beats having a happy, cuddly dog that’s proud of you.

7. They’re Good Company

The worst thing about running is that most of the time, you have to do it alone and that can make it really difficult to get out and running. When you’re lucky enough to have a dog, you’ve got a good partner in crime to do some exercise with, because they will be over the moon to spend some time with you, even if you’re out running. They won’t tell you to run harder or faster, they won’t be distracting, they’ll just run alongside you and be good company – so take them running with you!

8. They’ll Protect You

When it starts to get dark in the winter, the last thing you want to be doing is going out running. Yes, it’s cold but it can also be dangerous if you’re out alone. But your dog will always be protective of you, so you’ll still be able to go out and get some exercise without having to worry about being mugged or followed or worse. Your dog is the best bodyguard and others will be less inclined to go near you because of that. They are your protectors so there’s no reason to not take them running with you.

Do you like to go running with your dog? Let us know in the comments.

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