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5 Reasons You Should Always Choose A Degree Based On Your Top Interests

5 Reasons You Should Always Choose A Degree Based On Your Top Interests


Picking a college degree is probably one of the first crucial decisions you will have to take. The choice is all yours, but the pressure you feel when you realize that this will influence your entire future can be too heavy to make a bold move. Your desk might be dying right now under a large pile of lists with pro and cons. However, if you are reading this, it means that you still have no viable option. To make it easier for you, we’ll give you 5 reasons to trust your gut feeling and choose a degree based on your top interests.

1. You will ensure your ideal lifestyle after college.

Being a banker or accountant is not only just another way to test the infinite possibilities of organizing series of numbers, but it also implies a certain lifestyle. If you are not a fan of office desk work, then there are higher chances for you not to enjoy a second it.


However, there are infinite possibilities of living your dream work-life that can happen outside a cubicle. For example, if you mix your vivid interest for science and an insatiable thirst for adventure, the only thing left to do is choose one of the best marine biology colleges and see unveil a life depicted only by books and movies. If nothing else, Ryan Johnson and Mark Royer are absolute eye candies.

2. You excel when you like what you do.

Everybody heard the saying “Talent is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.”  So, it may seem obvious that the number of hours you invest in a field will be the judge of your career. However, we have as much empirical sensitivity as logical thinking. Our emotions and inner drive are as important and precise as mathematics. “Fake it till you make it” might work to overcome some of your fears, but when it comes to your future, it would imply to fake all your adulthood.

If you choose a college degree that answers your purpose, you will give it more of your attention that any other logical choice. Psychologists are supporting the positive psychology of happiness also. In fact, they discovered that a positive state fuels good results and not the other way around. If your field doesn’t give you satisfaction, then no international recognition that acknowledges your merits will make you happy. So, there are high chances that money or prestige won’t fulfill you if you are not pursuing your top interests.



3. Your interests will bring more scholarship opportunities.

When you love what you study, it comes naturally to take your interests beyond your class, and study or improve a particular branch that suits you best. The more you practice, the more chances you have to be discovered. And you don’t need a television channel for this, but an appealing scholarship to save you from the burden of paying your education loan.


There are many scholarships that require an application or an essay as proof that you are good enough for their support. However, there are starting to realize the importance of talent showcasing. So, if you are pursuing digital arts, ballet, technology, science or any other creative field, you can be a step ahead of your competition for a good scholarship.

4. The world started opening up to abstract careers.

The main bothering argument that many people will use to make you less confident of your choice will surely be about the financial aspect. It seems that money follows only the unattractive careers. Bankers, lawyers, doctors are going to hell and back to get their PhDs, but the financial rewards compensate for all their hardships. At least that’s how most people think that it works. However, once you choose one of these paths, you can say goodbye from a glamorous social life.


However, things have changed thanks to the advent of the Internet. There are incredible careers out there that make for a fun and challenging place to work. Their success wasn’t possible before. However, thanks to the booming consumerism, all kinds of businesses and products can find a large interested audience. And where are customers, there is success. This is how a digital designer, hippo therapist, fragrance chemist and other interesting professions can provide financial security and answer your call.

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5. You will experience better networking.

It is true what they say. Networking has become one of the best strategies to survive adulthood. The four years that you have to take your college degree are not just for study. You can meet a lot of interesting people, be it exchange students, teachers, colleagues, or sophomore students.

Even though you will have straight A’s, that won’t be enough for your future career. Investing time in a solid network of contacts will prove to be a valuable asset later on in life. Think about it. Your colleagues are likely to become influential figures that will reshape the field you are studying through hard work.


So, it is better for them to remember you as both smart and reliable so they will be able to recommend you for their future company with no second thoughts. This is why it matters to love what you study. It will be easier for you to enter social groups if you are a savvy in the field everyone studies. You are now ready to make a choice and proceed with things you have to do before applying.

All in all, it is safe to say that you can pursue your top interests at college. You have 5 reasons that support your desire to follow your dreams. There will be people that will be against your decisions, whichever they are. So, it is best to listen to yourself instead and do what it is best for you.

What are some other reasons you should always choose a degree based on your top interests? Comment below!
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