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10 Reasons You Need an Old English Bulldog in Your Life

10 Reasons You Need an Old English Bulldog in Your Life

When it comes to picking out the perfect dog, there are so many choices. There are so many different things to consider. Do you want a small or large dog? Do you want long hair or short hair? Do you want a dog that is better known for being protective, or one that is more known for being family-friendly?

What if I told you there is a dog out there who is protective, but family-friendly? One that will let your children crawl all over them but will jump at the chance to protect your home? 

That dog is an Old English Bulldog, and here’s why you have to have one.

They’re Adorable

How can you resist that scrunched up face? When they look at you and let out a little bark to tell you they need something, it’s the cutest thing ever. When they cuddle up on your lap, or next to you, you just want to snuggle right in with them. And puppy kisses from those faces are the absolute best! They’re the perfect size to give hugs to. And they love to give them back. They’re cute and affectionate!


10 Reasons You Need and Old English Bulldog in Your Life

They’re Protective

When I left my abusive ex, these two slept with me night after night. Any type of unrecognized noise outside my door and at least one, if not both, were up and alert. They tended not to bark until they actually saw something, but I happened to catch Jemma standing up and Stella with her head up, on alert, one night when they heard someone walking around upstairs. They’re big dogs, and definitely a dog I would be afraid of if I were trying to enter someone’s home without permission. Jemma likes to jump when she’s excited and she’s nearly as tall as me when she does. Not something I’d want coming after me!

10 Reasons You Need and Old English Bulldog in Your Life

They’re Family Friendly

They love kids. When kids come to my parents house, the dogs are all over them. They instantly want to play and give kisses. They’re quick to let go of the toys when told to drop it and will play fetch for hours. They will run beside bikes in the summertime. They will go everywhere the kids go. The playful nature of these dogs is a perfect match for kids!


They’re Very Trainable

My parents Old English Bulldog, Stella, is a trained crisis dog. She is trained to go into schools and hospitals to help keep children calm in a crisis situation. At four years old, she’s incredibly well behaved. She listens so well and loves to cuddle. She’s great with my kids when they come over. She rarely jumps unless you get her super riled up while playing and she is very quiet and docile in her normal, calm state.

They’re Fun

One of the best things about Old English Bulldogs is that they think they’re lapdogs. They love to sit with you and will often jump right on your lap and try to lay across you, or put their paws on your shoulders in a hug. It’s so much fun when they do this. They love to give kisses! Not everyone loves when a dog licks them, but many think it’s adorable. 

10 Reasons You Need and Old English Bulldog in Your Life

They Have No Idea What Personal Space Is

This is one of the best things, believe it or not. They will cuddle, they will crawl up next to you, they will sit right next to you. They will sleep up against you all night. 

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Ok, maybe not EVERYONE will think this is the best thing ever, but a lot will. The companionship an Old English Bulldog will give you is unmatched. They will be your best friend.

They’re Short Haired…So They Don’t Shed As Much

Few things suck more than leaving the house just to realize that you’re covered in dog hair because you sat on the couch for 30 seconds while you put your shoes on. These dogs are short hair, so you won’t see as much shedding. This can be an important one so those with allergies, or are worried about having dog hair all over their belongings. 

Every dog sheds, so make sure you’re aware there will be a little bit, especially in the spring when they are shedding their thicker winter coat, but it’ll be far less than even a dog with medium length hair.


They’re Curious

They’re curious about their surroundings, like most dogs, so they will always be down to explore with you. Curiosity can go the other way, though, and they will sniff everything. My parents dogs were obsessive about my stuff when I moved home. Most likely due to the scent of my former dogs. They sure created some chaos though, sniffing everything and throwing papers everywhere! But that scrunched up face just made me laugh, grab their collars and give them some pets and some lovin’. All with a smile. You can’t be mad at them!

They’re HotBoxes

These dogs are a living furnace. If you’re a cold person, you’ll love these dogs. Especially because they love to cuddle and, basically, be right on top of you. (That goes back to the not knowing what personal space is!) Maybe this isn’t for you, and that’s ok. But people like me don’t mind the extra body heat! Especially in the middle of the winter in Minnesota when it’s negative temperatures outside. They’re a blessing in disguise!

They’re Loyal

One thing everyone wants in a dog is loyalty. It doesn’t matter if you want a small dog, a large dog, a dog with long hair or a dog with short hair. It doesn’t even matter if you want a pitbull level dog or a Jack Russel type dog. You want a pet that is going to be loyal to you, your home, and your family. Old English Bulldogs are a breed that will not stray. They will remain loyal to your family until the very end.

Do you have an Old English Bulldog at home? What’s your favorite thing about them? Let us know in the comments!