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8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Losing weight is a tough process. From exercising to dieting it can be hard to do. But if you're not losing weight, this could be why!

Losing weight is just as hard as any obstacle in life. Experiencing a weight loss journey has its ups and downs. It’s the process of trial and error, even if you were to embark into getting surgery as a helper or quick fix. There are still certain things you may be eating or doing that is causing the scale to not budge. Most importantly, don’t go by what you see on the scale. The point of losing weight should be burning fat and not trying to fit a specific number society believes is the ideal weight and size. If you’re on a weight loss journey and have hit the dreaded plateau it’s definitely time to think of changing your routine. Here are 8 reasons why you’re not losing weight!

1. You’re Not Switching Up You’re Workout Routine

It’s important to switch up your routine because your body will get adjusted to it! Instead of running long distance on the treadmill, try sprints or walking on incline. If you must run try doing 4miles but using various inclines and speeds. Trying different speed levels will build your endurance! If you’re bold like myself right after a workout take the stairs instead of the elevator! You will be surprised how easy it is to go up 7 fleet of stairs after switching up your running routine!

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

2. You’re Not Eating Enough Food!

People often think that losing weight means that you must starve yourself. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! Starving yourself will actually make you gain weight! Yes, some people need to work on their relationship with food but it’s important to eat clean and occasionally treat yourself. I’ve personally noticed that I feel full after eating a healthy meal rather than junk food. There’s actual studies that shows some of our favorite comfort food isn’t as filling as clean meals due to their low value in nutrition. If you’re a ramen lover, I hate to break it to you but that shit has no nutritional value. You will be hungry right after certain process foods. Don’t starve yourself, it’s not healthy because putting you body in starvation mode can lead to binging or developing an eating disorder. This is a very important reason why you’re not losing weight.

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

3. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Yes, those all nighters and staying up to binge watch the latest Netflix show is holding you back from break that plateau! It’s necessary to get some sleep because it helps rest your muscles and feeling energized for the gym in the morning. Try to schedule a time to go to sleep, if it’s impossible for you to sleep it’s best to talk to a doctor! Sleeping is very important because it refreshes the body and brings energy. Not everyone can run on coffee and energy drinks to help them feel awake!

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

4. You’re Stressed!

We’re always going to be stressed about some situation in our lives, whether it’s school, work, finances and relationships. Stress will always find a way to creep up and fuck up your progress to getting healthier. Depending on how you handle stress, it may have a major impact to your weight loss journey. Some people tend to put a time limit to where they’d like to reach their goal. Losing weight isn’t a straight line, it has its twist and turns. It’s already stressful to lose weight the correct way due to some social media influencers acting like they lost it the hard way when they really used a quick fix like surgery. Take your time to she’s the pounds and learning the many ways your body is changing. This is definitely something that could be affecting the reason why you’re not losing weight.

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

5. You’re Over Treating Yourself

It’s great to treat yourself occasionally but not every single day. It takes will power and determination to say no pizza or ordering Chinese take out. A cheat meal is meant to be a MEAL not a whole day. It’s fine to have a cheat day but realize the amount of time you put in the gym to eat back calories you burned off. You’ll feel bad when you wake up bloated and have to do a few extra minutes of cardio to make up for it. Treat yourself occasionally, it’s best to schedule some days but don’t be hard on yourself. Losing weight is a journey to learning how to live a healthy life style.

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

6. You’re Drinking Alcohol

Yes, drinking can be the reason why you’re not losing weight. In the fitness community, alcohol is seen as empty calories. I personally don’t drink because I’d rather eat the calories than drink them. It’s ok to treat yourself with the occasional glass of wine or a shot of vodka. People who have cut our alcohol have notice a significant change on their body internally and externally. Give your liver a break and have a glass of water when your out with friends. Just imagine the water is your favorite vodka infused drink. If you must drink stick to the clear drinks. Brown liquor and beer are bad for you! Trust me, Hennessy is the devil in a bottle. It will have you feeling bloated and wishing you stayed home last night!

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8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

7. You’re Being Lazy

Skipping workouts and not really paying attention to your meals will take a major toll to your weight loss journey. It’s 20% fitness and 80% eating, those are the keys to help you get healthier or ready for the summer. Eating  clean is very crucial because if you have the working out together but terrible at planning meals to eat there’s a chance you won’t lose any weight. Hitting the gym helps work with your health, moving your body will have you thinking better and feeling energized to conquer the day! I totally understand we have days, when our beds are telling us to sleep in. Don’t forget that you have goals you want to achieve. The first 15 minutes of a workout is hard, but once time passes by you will feel better. Your mood can be the reason why you’re not losing weight.

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

8. You’re Building Muscle and Losing Inches

This is a good thing! Building muscle is important because it helps you burn fat! Burning fat means that you’re losing weight. Remember just because the scale isn’t moving doesn’t mean that you’re not slimming down. Building muscle makes you look toned! There’s a stigma that women should only be doing cardio but weight lifting and body weight workouts give you the toned legs and lifted butt! Who doesn’t want some nice legs and a perky butt? The next time you’re at the gym, hit the free weights section. Yes, it can be intimidating because the super muscular guys or the super fit girls but realize that everyone is at the gym to improve their health and confidence. The next time you decide to step on the scale, take your measurements! Losing inches is progress, your clothes willl fit better and see visible changes!

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

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