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10 Reasons Why You’ll Never Want To Leave Kent State

10 Reasons Why You’ll Never Want To Leave Kent State

Going off to college and being on your own is not always an easy adjustment. You leave the place you call home and have to make a new place home. Once you get settled in, you’ll find it becomes your new home, and there are so many reasons why you’ll never want to leave Kent State!


1. The beautiful campus!

You cannot deny that Kent State’s campus is absolutely breathtaking. Walking around campus is such an amazing experience with all the beauty surrounding each step.


2. The cute black squirrels that are everywhere.

An obvious reason you will not want to leave Kent State is the signature black squirrels that roam the campus.


3. The stand out programs.

Kent has outstanding academic programs. Kent’s amazing fashion program is well known across the country, but the school also offers hands-on and experienced professors in all areas of study.


4. The unique involvement opportunities.

Kent State is home to various opportunities for students to get involved while on campus. Students have the opportunity to join numerous niche clubs, Greek life and student media, just to name a few. There are several things for students to get involved with and find people who share similar interests.


5. President Bev Warren!

It is no secret we have an awesome president to lead Kent State. She’s the head of the school and is always interacting with her students. She comes to events and gets involved, but also is not afraid to drop some sass on Twitter when she has to.


6. You’ll never be bored in Downtown Kent!

While Kent’s campus is amazing itself, there is also Downtown Kent State to enjoy. Restaurants, bars and shops can all be found downtown to get you off campus, but stay in the city of Kent to have fun without going too far.


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7. The close knit community.

Kent State has such a close knit community that will make you feel right at home. Once you have that community in your life, you will never want to leave it. Definitely the most powerful out of the reasons why you’ll never want to leave Kent State.


8. Your friends here become family.

When you come to Kent State, you also leave behind your family. You will find yourself all alone looking for new friends, but before you know it, you will find your new friends become your family that you will not want to leave.


9. The delicious food on and around campus.

Come on, nothing beats the food truck, a late night at Rosie’s or hanging out in the Hub. Even when the food is not that great, it still is pretty amazing.


10. Kent State is nationally ranked!

With the amazing programs including one of the best fashion schools you can find, Kent State is nationally ranked. Why would you want to leave that?


What are your reasons why you’ll never want to leave Kent State? Comment below and share the article!
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