10 Reasons Why Summer Courses Aren’t So Bad After All

The idea of taking college classes or courses during the summer can be very unappealing. If you're thinking about the pros and cons of taking class during the summer, here are some reasons why you should take summer courses after all!

Summer is supposed to be about sunshine, relaxation and tropical vacations, right? Why get academic when it’s time for beaches and soft drinks? But in fact, there are many good reasons to consider taking classes over the summer. Sure, you might miss some fun time but with benefits like the ones below, it might all be worth it in the end. Here are 10 reasons why you should take summer courses!

1. Classes are generally cheaper.

We all know how expensive college can be. 15 credits plus room and board plus food and extracurricular activities plus textbooks equals a lot of money. Don’t get the wrong idea, summer classes are far from a bargain but, compared to during the spring or fall semesters, they’re practically a steal. Why not attempt to save a little money when you can?

2. They’re also quieter.

While some people can stand the lecture halls, others get claustrophobic in such an environment. And a class of forty students isn’t always a better choice either. But with less people enrolled during the summer, that means there’ll be less people present, leaving you with plenty of extra breathing room. It’s incredible how even the dampest and most depressing classrooms can seemingly feel peaceful without the noise of crowds around.


Here's why you should take summer courses!

3. Campus is quieter too.

A busy campus is not inherently a bad thing. But a less-full campus has plenty of benefits as well. Just like a small class, you’ll feel less congested and the environment will be more peaceful. And with less people, there’ll be more places to study, to hang out with friends and a reduced wait time in the campus coffee shops. And quicker access to coffee is always a good thing.

4. Online classes are more widely available.

Online classes are already good for allowing students to learn at their own pace. However, the main benefit of them is that you can take your academics on the go meaning that you can start learning whenever you’re ready to. On top of this, with all your resources online, the process of slogging books to a specific location at a specific time on a specific day is completely eliminated. With many students off-campus or out of state, these type of classes tend to flourish in the summer so when May comes, be ready to register for one! Of course, this also means…


Here's why you should take summer courses!

5. You’ll still have time to do other things.

Even during the month or so the class lasts, being online gives you the opportunity to travel as much as you want, visit wherever you want and have as much fun as you want while still having access. As long as you schedule it right, your summer activities can still go on as planned and you can get your academics on at the same time.

6. It helps you keep busy.

Of course, not every day of your summer is going to be packed to the brink with plans. If you find yourself bored at all, know that a class can help give you something to do. As well, a class can also help you structure your day, helping those eventless days pass by easier than they would without one. After all, if there’s nothing to do, why not learn something new?



7. The class doesn’t last as long.

While fall or spring semester classes last up from three to four months, summer classes can last anywhere from four to six weeks. Sure, that means a lot of the education is compressed into a smaller timeframe. But if that’s not a problem for you, then you can bask in the fact that you can get your three credits in one-third of the time!

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8. Get extra credits.

If you need an elective class or you wish to take a class you didn’t have time for in the fall or spring semesters, use the summer to get it done. In the summer, you can even take three credit courses for elective credit that you wouldn’t normally have the time to take otherwise. Sounds like a great deal to me!

Here's why you should take summer courses!

9. Catch up on credits.

Were you not able to register for a class in the fall or spring? Are you going to take a class next fall but haven’t taken the prerequisites yet? Why not take them in the summer and decrease the amount of time you need to graduate? Summer classes are a great way to stay on track when you’ve fallen off so take advantage!


10. Be done with the Gen Ed classes.

Gen Ed classes, for most students, aren’t the most fun ones they’ll ever take. Even if you like the subject, it’s still time taken away from classes in your major. For this reason, it common to see people procrastinate them until their junior or senior years. However, if you take them during the summer, you have the ability to be done with them before, at best, your sophomore year even starts! And that means you have even more time to focus on the subjects that matter more.

Here's why you should take summer courses!

Have any more reasons for why you should take summer courses? Let us know down below!