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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

We all sweat. It’s a natural part of being a human. But sweating is generally something we as humans don’t particularly enjoy and try to hide at all costs. I mean, no one wants to be that person who stinks up the small classroom, right? This is why deodorants are part of our daily routine, and we’ve come to depend on them to hide the smell that comes with sweating (or does it… more on this later), and stop the sweat from ruining a date! But have you ever stopped to take a look at how regular brand name deodorants affect our bodies? Have you ever thought about switching to a natural deodorant, but didn’t believe in their power at curbing the odour? Here are 7 reasons why you should at least think about switching to an organic deodorant.

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

1. We’re Supposed To Sweat!

It’s our bodies way of cooling itself and keeping itself from overheating, so why would we want to get in the way of that? Regular deodorants contain ingredients that block up our underarm pores, which stops the sweat from releasing out into the great wide world. This is also what stops us from being sweaty and gross from a workout or running to your next class, where you arrive just dripping in sweat. Obviously that is not appealing. But. When we block those pores, the sweat starts to build up under the skin, causing irritation and bad bacteria to form. Organic deodorant allows the ol’ pits to sweat it out in a contained way, so we don’t end up a sweat monster, while protecting our skin.

2. Contain That B.O.

Now, unless you are some fairy goddess whose natural odour is the GUCCI fragrance, most of us have a natural body odour that doesn’t exactly smell like a bed of roses. But let me tell you, it isn’t our sweat that smells; when it comes into contact with the natural bacteria living on our skin, it creates a musty odour that most of us don’t find pleasant. Now, applying conventional deodorants not only stops us from sweating, but causes bad bacteria to form, which, when it comes into contact with sweat, can make the smell even worse. Organic deodorant prevents bad bacteria from forming, so you do the math. Organic deodorant =  no more super smelly pits.

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

3. No More Yellow Stains

You know when you’ve been wearing your favourite white t-shirt a bunch, especially during warmer weather (because hello, cute outfit alert) and the next day you find yellow pit marks on them? It’s not cute. This is because of the aluminium in regular deodorants, which leaves yellow marks on our clothes. Not only that, but they are so hard to get rid of in the wash. And don’t get me started on the smell that comes from putting a yellow stain underneath a hot iron. Organic deodorant has no aluminium, which makes for stainless white t-shirts and a cleaner wash!

4. No Nasty Chemicals

Speaking of aluminium, regular deodorants rely on chemicals to block the pores, preventing you from sweating, which we agreed isn’t exactly in our body’s best interest. Other ingredients that are found in regular deodorants are triclosan, silica and the use of different parabens. These chemicals cause skin irritation, the build-up of toxic bacteria, and have been linked to cancer. While you would have to consume and apply these chemicals in large doses to cause major damage to your body, why would you want them on your skin in the first place?

5. Organic Natural Fragrances

Regular deodorants often contain artificial and chemical based fragrances that cause damage to our skin and create irritation. If containing the smell is what you’re after, then go for an organic deodorant that has a natural essential oil that help to curb the smell, while not causing any damage to your skin. A pro tip; if you find that the first organic deodorant you try doesn’t help in the smell department, keep trying different ones! Each body is different, and reacts differently to nature’s ingredients. So keep searching for your perfect organic deodorant!

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7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

6. Balanced Lymph Nodes

Your lymph nodes are super important to your body’s health and wellbeing. Essentially, they’re small lumps of tissue which contain white cells that fight off bad bacteria, infections and the prevention of serious diseases. The chemicals that are in regular deodorants are applied under the arms, which is very close to your axillary lymph nodes, and which is where cancer tissue often develops. These chemicals are absorbed into the skin, and can damage and overpower your lymph nodes, which you need to fight off illness.

7. Better For The Environment

Because organic deodorants only use natural ingredients, there is no harm to the environment (or to you!). You don’t have to worry about animal testing, which is what big brand name deodorant companies often use to test their products. By not buying brand name deodorants, you’re contributing to lessening the carbon footprint that mass production has helped make into a huge issue. You don’t have to chain yourself to a tree to show your love for the environment. Just switch to an organic deodorant!

7 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Using Organic Deodorant

There are so many benefits to swapping out regular deodorants for an organic alternative. What are your thoughts on organic deodorant? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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