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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Your Ex

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Your Ex

You go back to your ex despite your better judgment – and the resounding no of everyone around you; at one point, you’re even willing to do anything and everything to make sure that person’s happy – and that their needs are met. But the real question is, what about you? Fortunately, you’re enough, even if you fail to believe it, and these 10 reasons why you should never get back with your ex will show you how.

1. You Realize That You Don’t Need Someone In Your Life Who Will Only Make You Feel Less Of Yourself.

Your confidence used to be on top of the world until you entered into that relationship. Then all of a sudden you begin to notice changes taking place within you – as you wonder where the old you went. It isn’t until you leave, however, that you begin to recognize where it all went wrong – upon taking a step back and looking at the picture as a whole. Unfortunately, there will be no change until you find the strength from within to be the one to make that first move. 

2. You Realize That There’s No Longer Room For Growth In The Relationship.

Finding comfort in someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it allows you to open up with them about a variety of different things – both personal and controversial. Consequently, bigger problems begin to arise when you grow a little too comfortable with that person – which can cause the relationship to become sedentary. Fortunately, this can be changed – through the efforts of both parties – if you guys care for each other like you say you do; if not, then it probably wasn’t meant to be in the first place. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Your Ex

3. You Realize That You’ve Changed For The Better.

When you were with them, it felt as though they were doing more to hinder you rather than help you. You began to notice all the things you’d wished to leave behind were reflected in them – so you knew you had one of two choices; 1. find/do better for yourself or 2. let yourself slip beneath the sinking sand. Most of us picked the first – and if that isn’t reason enough to not go back to your ex then I don’t know what

4. You Realize That You Can Only Move Forward In Life.

Sometimes the paths just don’t line up like how you guys may have thought they would in the beginning. You then begin to realize that the two of you aren’t going in the same direction, and even though it might be hard at first, you realize that it’s time to split ways. Sure, you might always have a certain type of love for them, but all you can do is wish them the best in their journey – as you continue on yours. But one thing you can do is look forward to the future ahead and the greater love that awaits you – for yourself and from the true special someone that you have yet to meet. 

5. You Realize That You’ve Found More Love In Yourself.

You may have made the wrong decision – by rushing into a relationship entirely too fast – and as a result, you begin to realize that you’ve done so for all the wrong reasons. Some hop from person to person – looking for love in all the wrong people – when they have yet to discover the love that they have for themselves. That’s why it’s so extremely important to avoid backsliding – and running back to your past – without first reflecting on yourself, and the reason behind why you’re doing so in the first place. 

6. You Realize That Your Relationship Was Nothing But Toxic.

Have you been abused verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, or maybe in every way possible? If so, then maybe you already know the reason as to why you keep going back to your ex time and time again; after all, bad habits aren’t always that easy to break – making it extremely easy for us to have a twisted perception of the things that are good for us. Don’t be the one to allow yourself to be mistreated in that way because you’ll find that what’s toxic around you breeds toxicity in you. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Your Ex

7. You Realize That You Weren’t Changing For The Better But Instead Getting Worse.

You didn’t feel sad upon leaving but actually felt glad – almost as though a weight had been lifted from your shoulders. The best part about it is that relief that began to flood in due to the freedom that you felt. This alone should serve as one of the most valid reasons as to why you shouldn’t go back to your ex – because why go back to something that doesn’t bring you joy.

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8. You Realize That The Relationship Was Affecting Your Mental Health.

When you were with that person you began to find yourself feeling anything but happy; instead, you felt overwhelmed with sadness – or anger – to a point in which you begin to question yourself – and who you are as a person. All of this manipulation began to take a toll on you causing you to feel as though you were always the problem. 

9. You Realize That You Deserve Better.

You’ve found yourself settling for less than you deserve but failed to realize it since you were blinded by the feelings that you had – or might even still have – for that particular person. It hurt at first – to be the one to break the cycle; after all, it isn’t easy to cut ties with the ones you love, but in doing so you began to notice just how many things you allowed to slide.

10. You Realize That You’ve Found Unconditional Love In The Arms Of Another.

One of the biggest reasons that you shouldn’t go back to your ex is because you learned to love yourself, and with that, another came along to give you the right kind of love. You realize that you might not be perfect, but they love you on your worst days just as much as they do on your best. So why go back to where you were when you’re happy right where you are? 

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Back To Your Ex

We hope these 10 reasons why you should never go back to your ex serve as a reminder of why you left in the first place. Don’t forget to share – and let us know your thoughts – in the comments below!

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