5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen are a British indie rock band that has been signed since 2013. They have come out with two albums since then, their first The Balcony (2014)  and their second The Ride (2016). Since being signed they have been on the rise in the UK and US. Their songs are unique and range from soft tones to energetic ones. Here are 5 reasons why you should listen to Catfish and the Bottlemen.

1. Their Emotional Lyrics

Even though their songs can be hyper and energetic if you really listen to the words you can tell that they are coming from a deep place. They mostly sing about girls and past relationships. But each person or situation they sing about, you can tell that this person made an impact on them in their lives.

In their song “7” the chorus is:

And I’d beg you
But you know I’m never home
And I love you but I need another year alone
And I’ve tried to
Ignore it every time you phone
But I never come close
He talks about how he struggles with his feelings for this girl in which he needs to get away from her but he just can’t.
Another song, Cocoon the lyrics are:
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I remember when we
Swapped names and I thought maybe
You’d stay and try to out drink me
Your friends all hate it!
But fuck it if they talk
Fuck it if they try and get to us
‘Cause I’d rather go blind
Than let you down
He is telling the story of when he first met this girl and was infatuated with her, but her friends didn’t approve of him. But none of that matters to him, the only thing that matters is her.
Another song of their’s called Red is a sadder song with the lyrics:
Does he take you the Liquid Rooms after work
Just to unwind you but then goes and makes it worse
Can he do what I do for you?
I’ve not stopped thinking this shit since I come away
How about I change?
How about you look at me the same, hey?
How about I change?
How about you love me again?
He is singing to a girl that he used to be with, but their relationship didn’t work out and she’s moved on. The pain hurts him so much that he is just begging for her back because he doesn’t know how to get over her.
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Their lyrics are relatable if you have ever been in a complicated relationship.
5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen

2. They’re British

Now I know that’s not a full-on excuse to like a band, but cm’on their accents are pretty cool. And it also gives a good edge to their songs, they aren’t trying to hide it, it’s heavily involved in their music. It really ties in the whole experience of them
5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen

3. They Know How To Get A Crowd Going

Catfish and the Bottlemen don’t tour a lot of places in the USA, but when they did, I was lucky enough to get a chance to see them. From the beginning their performance made the crowd go wild. They hype everybody up and no matter how sad their songs might be, the beats never disappoint.
5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen
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4. Their Songs Take You Out Of Your Mind

Catfish and the Bottlemen have songs not only get you in your feelings but can also give you a freeing experience. It’s like, they are giving you an outlet to let go of what you’re holding onto and just sing along with them until your head is clear and the weight of sorrow is lifted off of your shoulders.

5. You’ll Become A Life Long Fan

Once you hear them you may never want to stop. Even now they have a new album coming out April 26th called The Balance and their two new singles, Longshot and Fluctuate are just as amazing. They really make the wait worth it.
5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Catfish And The Bottlemen

Going to give Catfish and the Bottlemen a listen? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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