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4 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

No matter your destination, traveling can be an incredible experience. Make sure to document your adventures in a travel journal to have as a keepsake.

A travel journal can be treasured when you look back on your adventures.  Life is about the adventures you take; and the memories you make during the length of your vacation can be memories that last forever. There are various options on how to write a travel journal and make it into something more; creating a scrapbook, a video, destination boxes, and bringing your social media photos to life, are all ways to document your travels. With a travel journal, you can relive your experiences throughout your life; and in it, are your pictures and words that allow you to capture and eventually reminisce on the details. Below, I have written about 4 different reasons why should always keep a travel journal.

1. Bring The Fun And Excitement

First grab something to write with, and take some notes about the places you have always want to visit. Once you start traveling, you can document it all because it inspires you and makes you feel alive. Feel the different vibes fully present in every moment, no matter how mundane. Be nowhere else but where you are and notice how your mindset changes throughout your travels.


2. Capture The Uniqueness Of Your Experience

Your experience will be different from everyone else’s experience because every journal is personal. Your perspective varies, and may continue to vary after seeing more of the world, by looking at new things, and meeting new people. It makes you open up your mind in new directions to find a different way of seeing things that you have not before.


3. Create The Extraordinary Souvenir

Your travel journal is the best keepsake you can buy (much better than the typical tourist items you pick up while you explore). It really is the best thing you can bring back from your travels. It will have more memories that last longer than anything you pick up in a store. A travel journal will be something unique that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

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4. Share Your Travel Guide With Loved Ones

Whatever you write, you can share with your family and friends who are interested in traveling around the world as you do. They will be grateful for the additional information; and you can give them so many insightful details regarding any attractions that you loved or not, and share the reasons why. The details you write are very helpful and can allow your loved ones to join in the enthusiasm and relive your experience, creating a special bond.

Keeping a travel journal is a useful tool that you can use for your own self-discovery while you are on the fly. While traveling, you can grab the opportunity to have a conversation with yourself about your experiences, reflections and be able to organize your thoughts. Writing in a travel journal will encourage self-exploration. You will remember all your favorite experiences for years to come, which will go on to help you count your blessings and encourage an optimistic view of life!

These are the reasons you should always keep a travel journal! Share your traveling experiences in the comments!
Keeping a travel journal is life changing, and here's the reasons why!
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