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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Water

You may have heard that we all should be drinking 8 ounces of water daily, but ever ask why? Here is a list that’ll answer the whys.

1. Increases Energy

Water is the healthier choice for getting energized. Put the caffeine down and pick the water up. When you are low on water, you are also low on energy. When your body lacks fluids, you can become dehydrated and drinking more water prevents that. The majority of your brain is made up of water. Drinking more water will boost your energy and will make you more alert.


2. Helps You Think

Since the majority of your brain is water, it is obvious as to why your brain needs water. Drinking more water helps you focus and to be more alert. The lack of water can cause you to be confused and fatigue.

3. Cures Some Headaches

A side effect of dehydration is a headache. When you are dehydrated your brain shrinks temporarily and your brain pulls away from your skull because of the lack of water. So to get rid of a headache drinking more water may help. If it doesn’t take the headache completely away it will make it less intense. I feel that in this situation that something is better than nothing.


4. Detoxifies Your Body

Drinking more water naturally detoxifies your body. The water moves the waste products out of your body by sweating, breathing, urination, and bowel movements. By not drinking water these toxins can build up and can cause an effect on your body. You can place your body at risk of getting kidney stones, heart attacks, and urinary tract infections. Help your body by drinking water to flush out those toxins water will even flush the waste out of your intestines. By removing toxins from your intestines this can make you less likely to get constipated. I would rather use my time drinking water than in the bathroom uncomfortable.


5. Improves Skin Complexion

Water is the best moisturizer you can give your body. Drinking more water plumps up your skin cells and that removes the appearance of wrinkles. The majority of your skin is made up of water. Not drinking water can cause your skin to become dry, tight, and age quickly. To have that natural skin glow, drink water; it increases your blood flow throughout your skin and brightens your complexion. The tightness in the skin without water is because water makes your skin elastic. Drinking more water also makes your skin look younger because it will not be dried out and forming wrinkles and sagginess. Water also shrinks your pores. This means smaller pores which means you have a smaller chance of a clogged pore that can cause a pimple. In addition to giving us clear skin water also moisturizes our eyes so that they sparkle. Moisture in our eyes is important because the moisture removes dirt and bacteria from our eyes.

6. Strengthens Immune System

Drinking more water can reduce your chances of a heart attack and certain cancers. By removing toxins from your body water keeps your immune system strong. Staying hydrated keeps your body fighting off bacteria and illness’s from occurring. Your immune system functions at its best when your organs and muscles are properly hydrated functioning at their best.


7. Prevents Cramps and Sprains

Working out is fun and all until you catch a muscle cramp. Before you accept this as your fate you can drink water before working out to prevent this. When you have an intense work out you sweat more than usual. This tells your brain to send fluids to your brain and other vital organs. Well when those vital organs aren’t located in your leg, for example, the nerves in the leg are not surrounded by as much water. This makes the leg muscles to become sensitive and the muscle starts to cramp. So just drink water about 2 hours before and during your workout so that you can keep your muscles elastic and your joints lubricated, to reduce joint pain. This also helps replace the fluids that you are losing while working out.

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8. Spreads Oxygen Throughout the Body

Blood contains 90% of water, this is important because blood carries oxygen throughout the body. Having oxygen throughout your body’s system will have functioning to their best ability.


9. Saves Money

Since drinking more water before meals fill you up, you are not eating as much as you normally would. When you eat less you are spending less money. Sodas, juices, and teas cost more than water. When going to a restaurant water is free as opposed to whatever cost you will pay for other drinks. See, saving you money.

10. Helps Weight Loss

Did you know your body receives signals telling you that you are hungry when in fact you may just be thirsty? When you get a craving, try settling it with water before a meal. It just might be what your body is asking for. Water contains no calories and it boosts your metabolism. So drinking it before a meal won’t affect your daily calorie intake if you’re into that type of thing. Water is the best natural way to suppress your appetite. When you drink more water, you eat less food. Try drinking 2 cups of water about 30 minutes before you eat it will make you feel full so that you intake less food.  Drinking cold water is best. Cold water makes your body burn more calories than warm water because your body uses energy and works harder to make the cold water warm. Another way drinking water can help you lose weight is by drinking enough of it to where your body doesn’t retain it. Your body retains water when it is unsure if it would be replaced. Retaining water causes you to look bloated, and that is not cute.


Don’t deny your body water.  Drinking more water is simple and your body will receive so many benefits from it. What benefits has water given to you? Comment below. 

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