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Stop Lying: 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Tell The Truth

Stop Lying: 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Tell The Truth

As the British Author Glen Duncan once said: “[To Tell The Truth] is a beautiful act even if the truth itself is ugly.” 

In a study called “From Junior to Senior Pinocchio”, researchers looked at lying behaviors in more than a thousand people ages six to 77 years old. Consequently, researchers discovered that peak dishonesty occurs during adolescence! We tend to lie more when we are teens but sometime during or young adulthood however, people will tend to lie less and tell the truth more. 

So, why is that most people lie and cannot tell the truth? Reasons for this include the fear of getting in trouble, peer pressure, and the fear of the person’s (who you tell the lie to) reaction if you tell the truth, to name a few. 


Depending on the situation, if you feel like you are stuck in the crossroads and cannot decide whether to lie and tell the truth, please keep on reading this article. In all regards, HONESTY is ALWAYS THE BEST POLICY!! While it might be hard (depending on what the situation is), when you are honest with everyone, it will help you on a path to a growth mindset.

Being honest also means things will get better, unlike lying, where things have the possibility (most of the time) of getting worse. 

If you don’t have a great relationship with your parents over trust issues, I encourage you to stop lying! Listed down below here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Tell The Truth: 


1. Lying Only Holds You Back:

If you opt to not tell the truth, those lies will only hold you back. It will make you feel so uncomfortable to the point that you will worry that the truth will eventually come out. In addition, constant lying will cause a whole lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I admit, the truth is hard and can be scary and messy due to not knowing the potential impacts it can have, on top of the other person(s)’s reaction. Lying is like a weighted chain that keeps you trapped to the ground. However, having the courage to tell the truth can release us from those chains that we have placed on ourselves whenever we lie. 

Life is all about growing and becoming a better person each and every day. Having the courage to tell the truth might be hard, but lying will always be much worse. If you don’t want to be held back due to a lie, I encourage you to always tell the truth (No matter how bad the situation maybe). 


2. Lying Only Makes Things Worse For You:

As I have said earlier, having the courage to tell the truth might be hard, but lying will always be much worse. Lying is hurtful to not only the person who was lied too but also the person who told the lie.

For the liar, the lie will make you so paranoid over whether the truth will eventually come out or not. Constant Lying can also result in unnecessary anxiety and stress. This anxiety has the potential to take a tremendous toll on both your mental health and physical health. Check out the video below to see yourself on how stress, fear, and anxiety can negatively affect your overall health. 

3. Once Trust Is Broken, It Is Possible That It Can Never Be Fully Regained:

Depending on what the situation is and how the big the lie you told was, one of the worst things that can happen when you lie is that you lose the trust of the person you told the lie too. What’s much worst is the possibility that the trust can never be fully regained from that person and the relationship between the two people crumbles. 


While the words “I’m Sorry” can help make peace in some situations, there’s always the possibility that the person who you lied too won’t be able to fully trust you again ever. Even if you commit yourself to always tell the truth, the person you lied to will always wonder if you’re being dishonest on some level. 

4. You Don’t Have To Remember Your Lies:

Once you tell a lie, you have to remember that lie so you don’t contradict yourself in the future. If you tell the truth, you don’t need to fear about your lies being accidentally discovered. This will lead to a much easier and happy life.


5. Telling The Truth Creates More Opportunities:

When you tell the truth to other people, you create more opportunities for yourself to develop friendships with your colleagues. Other opportunities such as being trusted with valuable information and job offers are more likely to flow your way by always being honest. 

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6. “The Truth Will Set You Free”:

A much deeper meaning of this quote is allowing the truth to guide your behavior. This means thinking for yourself, rather than allowing someone else to think for you. No matter how bad the situation is, telling the truth is the right thing to do and will set you free, even if it means losing all of your friends and family. 

Check out the courtroom scene from the 2007 film Freedom Writers below to see whether Eva (April L. Hernandez) decides to tell the truth that her boyfriend Paco (Will Morales) was responsible for the convenience store murder or “guard/protect” her own (LIE) that her African-American classmate Grant (Armand Jones) was the shooter. 

7. You Will Build Deeper Connections With Others:

When you don’t lie and tell the truth instead, it represents not only your character but also a willingness to openly express your feelings and private thoughts. This type of behavior encourages others to reciprocate, deepening friendships and relationships.


8. You Will Earn Respect:

When you tell the truth, you not only gain trust in other people’s eyes, but also more respect from them too. 

9. Truth Attracts Truth:

Honesty is a value that many people in society today hold in high regard. People who tell the truth are drawn naturally to others who are just like them. Being honest and telling the truth can bring you a higher quality of acquaintances and friends. 


10. You Will Feel More Confident:

As I have said before, lying creates anxiety and stress. When it comes to telling the truth, it can produce anxiety and stress too. However, having the courage to speak and tell the truth can also make one feel more confident. When you tell the truth to others, you are being truthful with yourself too. It feels amazing to always tell the truth as it shows yourself that you aren’t betraying your own thoughts/beliefs, which can be a big boost in developing more self-confidence.

Do all of the reasons above inspire and encourage you to tell the truth more often? I sure hope they do. Let us which reasons inspired you to always tell the truth down below in the comments section!

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