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Reasons Why You Should Always Moisturize Your Face

Reasons Why You Should Always Moisturize Your Face

Reasons Why You Should Always Moisturize Your Face

When it comes to your daily skincare routine, there is one step that should absolutely NEVER be left out: moisturizing!! Whether you find yourself to have naturally oily or dry skin, you NEED to moisturize.

Here are some of the reasons why it is so essential!

Fights Wrinkles

Everyone likes to make jokes that they are moisturizing so that they will be wrinkle free as they age, but there is major logic behind it! Moisturizers help replenish the skin and help its elasticity. As you age, your skin naturally loses this elasticity, so fighting against this before it is an issue is CRUCIAL. Also, moisturizer helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles that already exist! There are many face lotions available that are meant specifically for combatting wrinkles, so you have the option to try out a specialty moisturizer or stick with the basics, but you cannot go wrong either way! Regardless of if you are trying to combat future wrinkles or simply lessen the severity of the ones you already have, moisturizing every single day is the answer. 


Helps Brighten Complexion

Complexion is something that I do not typically relate directly to moisturizing, but it has a major impact! When it comes to getting balanced, healthy skin, moisturizing is a must. Moisturizer helps balance out the overall texture of your skin while helping fight against breakouts. With both of these aspects in mind, evening out your complexion comes along with these improvements! Being someone who tends to struggle with redness and an uneven skin tone, I found that adding a simple moisturizer to my daily skincare regimen has proven to show MAJOR improvement in my complexion. If this is something you are currently struggling with, perhaps it could help you as well!

Battles Dryness

Battling dryness is another element of moisturizing that is fairly self-explanatory. However, it is still worth mentioning due to its importance! If you find that your skin is especially dry and flaky, it is time to rethink your moisturizing routine (especially if it is currently nonexistent). This being said, face lotions are created with the purpose of bringing hydration back to your skin so it is a fairly simple solution. While there are extensive amounts of heavy creams and moisturizers available, nothing more than your most basic drugstore face lotion is needed. One of my favorites is made by CeraVe, and I feel that it is incredible in helping combat dry skin! You can easily shop it on Amazon here!

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Combats Excess Oil

While it may seem contradictory, moisturizing your skin every day is one of the best ways to combat against excess oil. The reasoning for this is fairly simple. When your skin is not being properly moisturized, it often produces extra oil to overcompensate. By adding a light face lotion to your daily skincare routine, your skin is being properly hydrated, making it less likely to produce that excess oil. With this in mind, whether you struggle with oily, dry, or combination skin, moisturizing is ALWAYS a good idea.

Can Protect Your Skin From The Sun

By adding a morning moisturizer with SPF to your skincare routine, you are not only gaining all of the included benefits of moisturizing, but you are also helping protect your skin from the harsh sun. Whether or not you burn easily, UV rays are dangerous and incredibly aging when in contact with your face, so taking the extra precaution of purchasing a face lotion that contains a high amount of SPF is never a bad idea! One that I swear by is only about $9 and can be purchased right here from As we approach the summer, now is the time to incorporate an SPF moisturizer into your day to day skincare routine!

Now that you have an idea of all of the benefits of moisturizing your face every single day, hopefully, you are inspired to adjust your current skincare regimen! Do you have a moisturizer you swear by? Let us know down below in the comments!

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