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10 Reasons Why You Need To Plan Your New Years Eve Plans RN

10 Reasons Why You Need To Plan Your New Years Eve Plans RN

New Years Eve is usually a time of severe regrets. You may enjoy those drinks in the moment, but they won’t be quite as tasty when they’re violently flooding out of you. That’s why you need to plan in advance to avoid sleeping next to the toilet. Without further ado, here are ten ways to avoid some of the worst New Years Eve regrets. 

1. Alcohol 

People are particular, especially with respect to their alcohol. Before you dive into you New Years Eve plans the night before, be certain that you know everybody’s preferences so that your guests aren’t leaving the party early. If all else fails, every guests will feel flattered that you at least had them in mind even if you miss the mark. An example of that would be if your guest is a lightweight that claims he drinks to get drunk, and consequently you purchase a drink with an extremely high percentage of alcohol. If you can’t already tell, that happened to me. 


2. Food Allergies

Similarly, you’ll want to compose a list of every food allergy your guests have. Food allergies can be fatal and should never be taken lightly. I would advise against going down a long list. Instead, focusing on common food allergies is much more advisable. For example, peanut allergies are especially common. I’ve actually seen a little girl swell from peanuts at a birthday party. Luckily, other guests reacted quickly enough and were able to rush her to the hospital in time. In case it comes to this, severe reactions require a shot of epinephrine, whereas, mild reaction require an antihistamine. Not that you’ll need to know that if you plan ahead. 

3. Hangovers

A year of mental preparation wouldn’t have prepared me for my last hangover. If you’re not already aware, hangovers suck. You must avoid them at all cost. Only flock to the drinks you can handle. Don’t drink a bunch of shots when you’re wiry and rarely drink. I made the mistake of doing that, and I still strongly regret it to this day.  

4. DIY Projects

If you’re hosting a party on a budget, DIY projects are a must. However, they can eat up a large portion of your schedule. Thus, you’ll want to make sure you set aside a sufficient amount of time for your DIY/New Years Eve plans. Of course, every DIY project is different and some will be relatively easy while others will take more time. Irrespective, you’ll want to plan in advance, because DIY instructions can be deceiving. I once took three hours for a DIY project that was apparently supposed to take half an hour. 


5. Reservations

Be aware that many places are reserved far in advance. If you’re wanting to wow your guests with the location of your party, make sure to reserve the best spots months in advance at the very least. I recommend a year in advance. The scheduling should be determined based on the nature of the party. Will kids attend this party? Is there alcohol? Will you and your friends be staying up past midnight? The answers to these questions are the difference between an 8:00 pm start time and a 6:00 pm start time. I’ve never done this before, and I doubt I’ll ever have to. Only reserve a place if your guest list is almost infinite. Because, as if you don’t already know, it’s expensive. 

6. Movies And Plays

Many couples’s New Years Eve plans entail going to a movie or play. In the case of popular entertainment or even moderately popular entertainment, you’ll need to purchase your tickets far in advance. Don’t think that since you don’t live in New York, you shouldn’t plan ahead. Because you’ll likely be disappointed when you have to watch a movie you’ve already seen at home on Netflix.


7. New Years Eve Balls

For this next addition to the list, your New Years Eve plans will involve getting to dress up and look cute for your boo. I’ve actually attended a New Years Eve Ball once, and it was not quite my cup of tea. But to each their own I suppose. Similar to plays and movies, you’ll want to buy tickets before they’re sold out. These events are typically in bigger cities. Therefore, as with most events in metropolitan areas, they are quickly sold out. Therefore, I would advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible. 

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8. Unexpected Weather

The weather has a tendency to ruin New Years Eve plans. In the case of inclement weather, you’ll need a plan B to fall back on. I’ve fortunately never been to an outdoor event during inclement weather, but I have known many friends who unfortunately have. A plan B doesn’t have to cost piles of money. You can just have a party with some drinks and snacks at your place. Your guests don’t need the festivities to be extravagant. They’ll understand that you put forth the effort and had the best intentions. After all, weather is fickle, and you can’t foresee the future. I would of course look at the forecast, but don’t expect the weathermen to be infallible. 


9. Travels

Planning a New Years vacation requires time. You have to get the passport, ask for time off, board the early flight, and create an itinerary; all while juggling your professional and family lives. It’ll be enough to drive you insane, but the experience will be well worth it. You may also plan some surprises along the way to show your loved ones you care enough to go the extra mile. 

10. New Years Resolutions

Planning for your new years resolution is the best way to stick to it. Don’t purchase another gym membership if you’re not going to use it. Choose the workout that best suits you and your body. I personally love short, intense workouts. Other people prefer the longer and intense. Some bodies need lower impact moves. Regardless of your skill level, choose the workout that suits you. The same goes for any New Years resolution. Don’t start at the summit of your ambitions. Choose a New Years resolutions that’s achievable, and work your way up to your ideal self. 


Do agree with this list? What are some New Years Eve plans you have to muse about in advance? As always, comment down below. 

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