13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Normal Beauty Routine

Using glitter in your beauty routine is a fantastic way to show off your fabulous personality while standing out in a crowd. If you think this beauty trend is reserved for raves and festivals, think again. From highlighter to lipstick to eye shadow, there’s plenty of products out there you can use every day to help you get into the spirit of glitter. Read on to learn why you need to incorporate glitter into your daily routine to look and feel like the shining star you are. 

1. It’s Unique

When was the last time you saw someone decked out in glitter and thought ugh, she looks SO boring? I’ll answer that for you– never! A smokey eye gets an automatic upgrade with a little shimmer. Glittery hair paste makes a simple half bun that much cuter. A red lip goes from basic to absolutely stunning with a touch of gold on top. Using glitter is a way to show the world you are not playing any games with your look.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

2. It Catches the Eye

Glitter is the easiest way to update your look with barely any effort. Whether you use just a touch or go all out it will never fail to make someone say “WOW!” Want to keep your face bare but still get in on this look? Use it to accentuate different parts of the body. Legs, shoulders, and chest area are all fair game.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

3. It’s Trendy

Glitter will always be on trend because it’s fresh, fun and can be used anywhere at any time. Even if you don’t feel like wearing much makeup one day, you can still use a little glitter on your temples and look like you just stepped out of Vogue. Keep the rest of your face bare and just listen as the compliments roll in.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

4. You Can Choose Your Own Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to class or the met gala. The time for glitter is always right. You can cover yourself head to toe with it if you’re feeling the party vibe, or use just a touch to show off your fun side. You can never have too much glitter, only too little!

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

5. It Looks Good No Matter What

Not a makeup whiz yet? When it comes to glitter, skill doesn’t matter. You can just slap it on wherever you feel you need a little extra sparkle and BAM! You’ve just wowed the world with no effort whatsoever. My favorite way to use it is on the cheeks to accentuate my bone structure, all you need is a fluffy brush and a glittery highlighter palette!

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

6. It Makes You Feel Pretty

I feel fabulous when I use glitter in my daily routine. I feel like I can take on the world and get shit done, and I’m certain it will make you feel the same way. Glitter is the solution to most bad days. Terrible weather? Glitter. Nothing to wear? Use glitter. Didn’t get an A on that assignment you stayed up all night working on? Just add glitter! It can’t solve all your problems, but it will boost your self-esteem.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

7. It Can Make You Look Like You’re Glowing From Within

You don’t always need thick chunks of glitter to sparkle and shine. There are tons of holographic products out there you can use on your face or body to make you glow in all the right places. Use one with a pink or purple sheen to bring out your inner fairy princess.

13 reasons why you NEED glitter in your beauty routine

8. You Can Use it in Unexpected Ways

Glitter isn’t just for makeup. You can use glitter paste in your hair, glitter nail polish, or even glittery fashion products! I have a sparkly pink backpack I bought from Festy Besty that brings every outfit to the next level. If you’re feeling shy, try slowly adding it to your beauty routine with an accent nail.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

9. It Looks Good With Every Skin Tone

The great thing about glitter is that it’s universally flattering. You don’t have to have Kendall Jenner’s features to look incredible with glitter. Dark skin or light skin it simply doesn’t matter. Can you name another beauty product that works that well with such a wide variety of skin tones? I know I can’t. 

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13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

10. There’s More Than One Type of Glitter, So it’s Easy to Find the Right Product For You

I know when I think of glitter, I usually think of a loose powder that just ends up making a huge mess. There are SO many other glittery options to incorporate into your routine. There’s cream glitter, pressed powder glitter, and even glitter gel. These products should be the go to for the girl who wants some oomph to her look without the mess.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

11. It’s Versatile

Glitter isn’t just for kids anymore. Although you can use it to show your playful side, it is possible to look professional with glitter products. The key is to not use it all over your face. Try sparkly winged eyeliner with a nude lip, or glittery eye shadow on an otherwise bare face. It will look chic without being overwhelming.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

12. It Comes in Unusual, But Beautiful Colors

You might not normally think of wearing green shadow for a long day of classes, but what about the glittery green shadow? A little bit of sparkle can make peacock colors much more flattering, and easier to wear than they would be when matte. My favorite bold look is a glittery shadow in a brilliant shade to really show off my personality.

13 Reasons Why You NEED Glitter In Your Beauty Routine

13. It’s Just Plain Fun!

Glitter is glam, it’s beautiful, it’s flattering, but most importantly it’s a hell of a lot of fun to wear. It’s impossible not to smile and feel your best while decked out in something glittery. It can make something as simple as jeans and a tee shirt look absolutely fabulous. Let your imagination run wild with glitter, trust me, you’ll thank me later!

What are some of your favorite ways to use glitter? Let me know in the comments!

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