10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

Reality TV Series, The Jersey Shore, has become a steeple in the entertainment industry and a huge part of pop culture. Almost everyone and their mother knows what The Jersey Shore is because of how it popular it has become. It was so popular that the TV show has returned 10 years after it first aired for some new seasons. People love this show and the cast members in it, yet they can’t really explain why they love it so much. Here are 10 reasons why people love The Jersey Shore: 

1. Vinny & Pauly 

Nothing can make one happier than watching this dynamic duo just be together. Vinny and Pauly provide the comedic relief we all need in such a drama filled show, and in our drama filled lives. These two men manage to have a great time with each other no matter what they are doing. 

Whether it be watching their roommates fight around them, doing the FPC (fist pump, push ups, chapstick) dance, turning the entire shore house inside out, or even getting married at a bro-mitment ceremony, the pair just never fails to have a good time. 

These two fun- loving and drama free guys give us the constant reminder to laugh, see the good in every situation regardless of how bad it might be, and just have fun because life is too short to be serious and angry all the time! 

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

2. The Meatballs 

The best thing about Snooki and Deena is the fact they can make you feel better about any bad decision you’ve ever made or any questionable thing you’ve ever done. These two girls are trouble with a capital T, but we can’t help but love them anyway. 

The meatballs are just a couple of fun loving girls looking to have a good time, or as Deena would put it, they are just a blast in a glass! Put a little alcohol in their system and chaos is about to erupt! These two girls have got themselves into some sticky situations, such as a few arrests, many drunken night bruises, a few fist fights (one accidentally with each other), and too many hangovers to count, but these always manage to have a good time. They are both hot messes, but we just can’t help but watch!

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

3. Drama 

The Jersey Shore provides us endless amounts of drama. This controversial cast is notorious for their fighting, whether it be with each other or random strangers. Throughout the years, we have seen relationship drama with practically the entire cast, but the most memorable being with Ronnie and Sam. Those two are simply a train wreck we just can’t look away from. 

Other than  relationship drama, we’ve seen friendship drama between all the cast mates, including one of the most iconic fights being between Ronnie and Mike. Mike even went so far as to slam his head into a concrete wall in Florence, Italy because Ronnie accused him of getting involved in he and Sam’s relationship. 

It’s safe to say that the Jersey Shore cast mates are not saints, but they can never seem to have one night without drama. 

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

4. MVP 

Mike, Vinny, and Pauly are the friend combination we never knew we needed. These three are a combination of gym dates, tanning beds, pranks, and good wholesome fun. These are just a few guys being dudes, but we can’t help but love them for it. 

These three guys are always a good break from the house drama and catty fights!

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

5. Prank Wars 

1,2,3,4… he declares a prank war! Pauly D prank wars are one of the best reasons to watch Jersey Shore! You can’t help but laugh at his creativity and how above and beyond he goes for his pranks.

Some of the most memorable Pauly D pranks include bringing a plastic life size Sammie doll to the shore house, inviting the most hated cast mate (Angelina) to surprise the housemates, and planning for Uncle Nino (Vinny’s Uncle) to join Vinny on stage to strip at the Chippendales show.

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore 

6. The Phrases 

So many iconic phrases and acronyms have come out of watching The Jersey Shore. Because of the cast of The Jersey Shore, the world has been blessed with phrases such as, “Cabs Are Heyahhhh,” “It’s T-Shirt Time,” “Where’s The Beach,” Rahn Stahppp,” and “Oh Yeahhh Wake Up Yeah.” 

We also cannot ignore the best things to come out of this show, the acronyms! The world would never know of GTL (Gym, Tanning, Laundry), IFF (I’m F***ed Foundation), DTF (Down To F***), FTD (Fresh To Death), GFA (Grenade Free America), and DTS (Down To Snuggle). 

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

7. The Friendships 

While the drama is one of the main reasons we watch reality television shows, we can’t ignore the love these people have for each other through it all, and how much we love them because of it. We have seen these people go through so much, whether it be within the shore house or in their lives outside of The Jersey Shore, they still always have each other’s backs even 10 years later! 

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10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

8. Family 

While the cast mates of The Jersey Shore are all friends, they are ultimately family first. They go through many ups and downs together, but no matter what they always get through everything TOGETHER! 

We can’t help but become invested in this family dynamic, since we’ve grown up watching them and seeing into every aspect of their lives. We’ve now watched them all have babies, be at each other’s weddings, and be there through one cast mates prison sentence. These people care about each other and love each other as if they really are related, and we cannot help but feel a sense of adoration for the love these people who used to be strangers have for each other. 

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

9. The Partying 

A huge part of The Jersey Shore is the party scene. This show is ultimately about a group of people getting drunk and being a bunch of nuisance’s every night of the week, yet  for some reason we love to watch it!

We can’t help but envy the care free and responsibility free lives of these guidos and guidettes. They are living the fun lives that many 20- somethings year olds wish to live!

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

10. The Fashion 

So many obscene yet hilarious fashion statements have come out of The Jersey Shore. this show had every female walking around with a poof in their hair, and many people lining up to get a fresh tan at the local tanning salon. 

We also can’t ignore all the bedazzled clothes, ed hardy T-shirts, the blowout, and the tattoos. The cast of The Jersey Shore had quite the eccentric sense of style. We cannot forgot about Snooki’s furry boots or rhinestone sunglass, mikes full yellow track suit, Pauly D’s star v-neck t-shirts, Sammie’s short shorts, and Ronnie’s guy lights! 

10 Reasons Why We Love Jersey Shore

Do you watch The Jersey Shore? Comment below and tell us why you love it so much! 

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