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10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move Down South

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move Down South

Booking a trip to Savannah, Georgia should be next on the bucket list. Visiting this picture-perfect town will make you want to move to the South ASAP! Here are 10 reasons why visiting Savannah, Georgia will make you want to pack your bags and head south, permanently.  Read on to learn more!

1.  Southern Hospitality

Yes, southern hospitality is a real thing. Plan a trip to Savannah, Georgia and you will see for yourself. People are so warm and friendly here. You could never feel alone in this city even being miles away from home. The locals are very hospitable to any visitor and will treat you like their own kin. There is a great sense of community in the south.

You can expect people to be polite and smile at you when you pass them on the street. Even greet you and strike up a conversation with you even though they don’t know you. Southerners are trained from a young age to show respect. Men will hold doors for women and remove their hats when inside. Just a few examples of southern charm and hospitality.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

2. Leisurely Lifestyle

In the south, living is easy. Savannah is no exception! Up north, people are so busy getting somewhere. They often miss the chance to slow down and smell the roses. In the south smelling the roses is not just a saying but a lifestyle. If you are looking for a relaxing, all- year- round vacation spot, Savannah, Georgia is it.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

3. History

Savannah has some rich history that is sure to entice the minds of many history buffs. This city is known as the first planned city. The city was meticulously mapped out in a series of grids that allowed for wide-open streets that intertwined with public parks and squares. Making it the perfect city to tour on foot. Savannah’s history can even be traced back to the American Revolution. A history, both good and bad that ultimately shaped Savannah to be a thriving city today.

4. Cost Of Living

If you are wondering where to move to after college and don’t mind the heat, the south might be a good place to call home. The cost of living is significantly lower than say Boston. Why else do older people retire and move south to areas like Georgia, The Carolinas, and Florida? The cost of living is less than anything you’ll find up North.

5. Magnificent Architecture

Savannah, Georgia takes pride in its history. So much that there are buildings dating back to the 1800s in mint condition. Thanks to organizations like the Historic Savannah Foundation, who fights to preserve the same southern charm from back in the day and merge with today’s modern society.

Due to these efforts, Savannah has a skyrocketing billion-dollar tourist industry. Bringing in many visitors yearly who are captivated by this rich and splendid city.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

6. Lax Liquor Laws

In Savannah, Georgia you don’t have to worry about tossing out the remains of your midday mimosas. In the Historic District, the city law allows the possession and consumption of an alcoholic beverage in an open plastic container. So you can sip your favorite cocktails while strolling down the city and taking in the sights without any fear. But of course, do so wisely!

7. Food

Oh, the food is enough for anyone to venture down to the south and stay forever. Savannah is home to some amazing southern dishes. Shrimp & grits, pralines, and fried tomatoes are staples here along with many other southern comforts.

Did you know Savannah is home to the Girl Scout Cookies? Yup, Juliette Gordon Low created the Girl Scouts of America headquarters right in her own home in Savannah in 1912. As a result of that endeavor, Girl Scout Cookies were created.

On a hot summer day, one must head to the world-famous Leopold’s Ice-cream.  This shop hasn’t changed since it opened in 1919. Famous lyricist Johnny Mercer loved Leopold’s Tutti Frutti ice-cream flavor he’d hope to write a song about it but was sadly beaten to it.

The lines will be long, but Leopold’s is worth the wait.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

8. Weather

The weather is definitely a great perk to the south. During the summer month, it gets hot, extremely! Luckily every building is air-conditioned during those brutal months but you will never be short of vitamin D here.

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One thing you won’t miss down here, SNOW! It barely snows, but when it does best believe you are ensured a snow day.

9.Beautiful Parks

Forsyth Park is a top destination for any first-timer visiting the city! It is Savannah’s largest and most popular park. It was created in the 1840s from 10 acres of donated land by William Hodgson. It is home to a half shell theater, café, two playgrounds, and of course the famous Forsyth Fountain.

Morell park is a park located on the river. It’s home to Savannah’s famous waving girl statue that honors Florence Martus and the cauldron that was lit for the Olympic yacht event in Savannah in 1996. Mother Matilda Beasley Park is a park honoring the first African- American nun in the state of Georgia. She founded the St. Francis Home for Colored Orphans.

No matter when you go to Savannah, there is a rich history that accompanies a large amount of beautiful and recreational greener that the city offers to all.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

10. Nightlife

When the sun sets, locals and tourists all hit the street for the booming nightlife. The reason Savannah nightlife scene is so popular is due to the many local establishments that offer plenty of good food, fun, and drink. Here you’ll find dance clubs, bars, live music all within the downtown historic district.

One popular experience is taking a tour through the Bonaventure Cemetery once it’s dark. The cemetery made famous from the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” A local guide will take you through the cemetery and point out markers and graves of famous Savannah residents. A unique experience that is one of many to enjoy in Savannah, Georgia.

10 Reasons Why Visiting Savannah, Georgia Will Make You Want To Move South

If you’ve never been to Savannah, Georgia now is a perfect time! Please comment below what part of Savannah you are most eager to explore.

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