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20 Reasons Why Virginia Tech Is The Absolute Best

There are so many reasons why Virginia Tech is easy to fall in love with. I personally became obsessed on day one when I visited a friend for the weekend, and then found myself studying here the following year. VT is ranked in so any different areas, has some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and some killer traditions only VT Hokies would understand. Here are just 20 of the many reasons why Virginia Tech is the absolute best!

1. Ranked best college food in the country.

Obviously, this is the most important thing.

2. We’re the fittest campus.

Who knew you could be fit and well fed at the same time.

3. 2nd best collegiate football entrance!

Live, love, Enter Sandman.

4. Hokie Stone.

Honestly this is one of the reasons VT is probably the prettiest campus in the country.

5. We win everything!

Just recently, we won the PINK campus showdown. Us Hokies always pull through to the finish line.


6. Our night life never disappoints.

So many options!! Roanoke Street is the place to be, and if you want, there are plenty of bars downtown, but no night is complete without El Rods.

7. Downtown is always fun to explore.

TOTS, Hokie House, Sharky’s, Big Al’s, Sicamore, Champs… to name a few.

8. Ranked #1 for student happiness.

This is just a fact. You can’t dispute it.

9. On and off campus housing.

A+ for off-campus housing for all the reasons you could ever imagine, and the dorms have some great locations (some of them even have granite counter tops). Hokies are spoiled in the housing department.

10. The school spirit is contagious.

Everyone on campus has a wardrobe consisting of at least half Hokie apparel, not just the freshman.

11. Ut Prosim.

Meaning, “That I may serve,” and is the motto here at Virginia Tech. It has a pretty strong presence on campus and is part of what makes VT feel so special.

12. So many club to choose from!

There are more than 700 clubs and organizations to choose from at VT, and they all meet on the drillfield for Gobblerfest early in the year so you can sign up for all of them, or just go for the free stuff.

13. Greek life is always involved.

Part of the many organizations you can join on campus. Everyone is super involved and everyone gets along with each other. Rush it, love it.

14. One of the best programs for cadets.

They are everywhere. Virginia Tech has a great program here for cadets, and maybe it’s your calling too.

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15. Maroon and orange!

Not sure of any other place where this color combination works, but at Virginia Tech, half of what you own will be these colors, and it’s amazing.


16. Nationally ranked academics!

We are 70th in the country for national universities and 26th among the public ones.

17. Delicious food trucks.

I might eat at these everyday. There are two food trucks that park on campus, and they take dining dollars.

18. Tailgates!

Not a single soul at Tech isn’t at Center Street before a home football game. It’s honestly the best part of my week.

19. Traditions.

Example A: At the first snowfall of every year, cadets and civilians fight to the death via snowballs. The traditions are my favorite out of all the reasons why Virginia Tech is the absolute best!

20. Passionate alumni!

Once a hokie, always a hokie.

Can you think of other reasons why Virginia Tech is the absolute best? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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