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20 Reasons Why UVA Is The Best School On Earth

If you’re an alum or current student at UVA, you know it’s hard to list all the reasons UVA is an incredible school. That’s because, how could you ever choose just 20? Besides that, why UVA is the best school on Earth is one of those indescribable answers that can only be learned through experience— the experience of being a student. In the reasons below, I’ve tried to nail down at least some of the reasons why alums have such a loyalty to UVA even after they’ve graduated and gotten jobs and had families.

1. We call ourselves Wahoos

An elusive term – many people claim that the wahoo is the quintessential symbol of a student at UVA. A wahoo is the basic formula for how to be a UVA student— like the values and characteristics that all UVA students should have. However, my favorite definition? A Wahoo is a fish that can drink twice of its own body weight

2. Our darties, self-explanatory if you’ve ever been to one

What is a darty, you ask? Why a day party. These typically occur after football games or during nice and warm spring days during the second semester.

3. Mad Bowl

This architectural setup is the epitome of convenience and fun, where most fraternities are within a five minutes walking distance of each other. Perfect for ideal darty activities.

4. Bodo’s Bagels

These bagels are absolutely out of this world. Every day hundreds of students come in to get their daily bagel fix. And, if you’re particularly adventurous, you will try more than once to get the elusive #1 order of a Bodo’s Bagel on any given day.

5. The Rotunda, including both daytime and nighttime activities

Daytime activities include napping, puppy watching and frisbee throwing. Nighttime activities primarily consist of streaking. Observe at your own risk.

6. Good Ole TJ

Our beloved founder and scholarly father, Thomas Jefferson continues to exist as an important figurehead of the university. One of our favorite ways of keeping him in our minds is by calling ourselves first, second, third and fourth years rather than the stereotypical freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. This is because according to TJ, we never finish learning, but rather are in our first, second, third or fourth year of our quest of knowledge.

7. The student body diversity

Besides racial diversity, the University of Virginia also has outstanding cultural diversity. This is because not only does it have a fair amount of international students, but it has one of the biggest percentages of out-of-state students for a state school.

8. A southern school with northern pockets

While Virginia is a southern state, due to the large amounts of out-of-state students it has fairly large amounts of northern groups of people.

9. It’s home to the best drunk munchies: White Spot, Christians, and College Inn’s Cheesy Bread

If you don’t believe me, have a night out on the Corner and then end up in one of these spots. You won’t regret it.

10. The Corner in general

“The Corner” is really a street that runs parallel to Grounds until Grounds itself culminates in a corner point. On this street are many restaurants, bars and shops to meet the demands of UVA students.

11. The Geographical Location

Not only is UVA on the beautiful East Coast, but it is also surrounded by hills and great hiking trails for all the adventure enthusiasts.

12. Tradition, Tradition, Tradition

Stemming from our glorification of the past, UVA values tradition like no other. We show this love for tradition not only in our speeches, but also in the annual events such as Lighting of the Lawn.

13. The Harry Potter Room

Located in the Alderman Library, you feel as though you are stepping into Hogwarts when you enter this room.

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14. Tailgates start at 10 a.m.

Rise and shine Wahoos, you got a reputation to protect.

15. The Downtown Mall

A great place for strolling, shopping and eating. Think the Corner on a larger scale.

16. Greens to Grounds and other student run organizations

This particular organization delivers organically grown produce to grounds for students to enjoy and cook with.

17. Pigeon Hole Brunch

A great little spot off of a street on the Corner.

18. A cohesive community during and after college

This is due to the loyalty among students both before and after graduation. You’re joining more than just a family, but a legacy as well.

19. Greek Life is a decent percentage of the student body

With 32 fraternities and 15 sororities you are bound to find one that fits your personality and find amazing friends!

20. You’ll be coming back for years to come as an alum

If the reasons above weren’t reason enough, then come and be a student at the university. You’ll see why UVA is the best school on Earth soon enough.

Why do you love UVA? Let us know in the comments below!!
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