25 Reasons Why Turning 25 Isn’t So Bad After All

It was all fun and games until you turned 21, and then it was all downhill from there, right? Wrong! It was all downhill from my golden birthday aka 4/23/16. I kid. Turning 25 and being an adult/paying bills/having a 9-6 job/being too tired to go out Friday night can be a drag. Or, if you’re a glass half full type of girl it can be liberating. Here are 25 reasons why turning 25 isn’t so bad.

1. It isn’t the end of your youth.

Rest assured, the end of your youth is when you turn the big 3-0.

2. It is an exciting time in your career.

Chances are things are still new, exciting, and keeping you on your toes.

3. If not, it is never too late to change.

You are not too old to fail and get back up again. You are able to understand rejection more and know that when one door closes, another will open.

4. You’re being taken more seriously.

You aren’t the new 22- year-old in an office of 27-year-olds anymore. People listen now! Mostly…

5. You know who your real friends are.

In college, you are constantly around your friends and it is very convenient to walk over to their dorm/apartment to hang out. I moved to a different city and lost touch with a lot of people who I used to see regularly. You are under no obligation to hang onto superficial friendships.

6. You have more of an understanding of what you want in a relationship.

You’ve probably had some serious and not so serious relationships by now. You’ve been in love, broken hearts and had your heart broken. Now you know how to handle breakups/heartache and have a better idea of what you actually value in a partner.

7. Enjoy staying in on a Friday night.

I know in the intro I said that it’s a bummer you’re too tired, but aside from the FOMO, it does feel good to hang out on the couch and catch up on TV after a long week.

8. You have your own apartment.

Yay for not living with your parents anymore and having money to support yourself!

9. Possibilities are endless.

You aren’t burdened by anything! Chances are you can travel for work, change cities, and try out new things without having to worry about other people. I don’t know what’s better than that.

10. It is okay to admit you don’t know everything.

A lot of smart and successful people admit that they don’t know everything. That’s okay! No one knows everything just like no one is perfect. This time of your life is all about learning.

11. Now is the time to be selfish and take time for yourself.

Get to know yourself. You are your only priority right now.

12. You are learning what is important to you.

Do you value material objects or experiences? How do you want to spend your money? Who do you want to date? What types of friends do you value? How do you want to spend your free time?

13. You have more money.

Chances are you are richer than you have ever been before.

14. Bar Scene > Clubs

End of story.

15. It isn’t a popularity contest anymore.

You aren’t in high school or college. This is the real world. No one is being shoved into a locker or picked on for having no friends. No one really cares what you do in your free time to be honest.

16. Weddings!

I’m sure you have been invited to attend or be in a few weddings at this point, and weddings are the best. Well, unless you are a bridesmaid who has to pay $300 for an ugly dress you won’t wear again, but that is a conversation for another time.

17. You are able to understand your parents more.

Whether you agree with them or not, you are able to reflect on things that happened in your childhood and make sense of them. You may be closer to your parents than ever at this point, and thankful for the things they made you do when you were younger.

18. You are gaining more confidence.

As you become an adult you are learning more about yourself, letting go of what other people think of you, and, in turn, are becoming more comfortable and confident in the person you’re becoming.

19. Getting older is a privilege.

You made it to 25. Some people aren’t so lucky. Every year that passes, every day, every minute is a blessing.

20. You can both drink Franzia and enjoy fine wine.

One week I could be at a wine tasting and the next weekend I could slap the bag. You’re both old and young. What a time to be alive.

21. It’s still okay to order Seamless every night.

Too lazy to cook. Also, why would I just cook for myself? Seems like a lot of energy for little satisfaction.

22. You can go out Thursday night and make it to work by 9 am Friday.

Look, you might be severely hungover, but they say 80% of success is showing up, and I am okay with a B- for the day.

23. You can be okay with a B- for the day.

I mean let’s not make it a habit, but no one is checking up on you…except your boss, but like, just make up an excuse.

24. You can now buy alcohol at concerts and sporting events in Boston.

I know this is state specific, but I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

25. You can rent a car!

Now, this is the real benefit of turning 25 right here. Society finally accepts you as responsible.

Are you turning 25? Let us know what you think of these reasons why turning 25 isn’t so bad after all in the comments below!
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