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6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

Travel isn’t something you do, it’s something you catch. And once you’ve caught it, there’s no getting rid of it. But don’t panic, it’s the best bug you could possibly catch and here’s why…

1. You Get To See So Much Of The World!

Those who haven’t caught the travel bug lack the motivation to want to see the world and this is the biggest missed opportunity in life. We’re not on this earth for long so why not try to see as much of its beauty as possible? As you get older, the way you like to travel, who you share your experiences with and what you take away from different destinations is bound to change, but what won’t change in the slightest is that feeling of cultural enrichment and enlightenment that warms your soul and readjusts your life perspectives.

6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

2. Language Learning!

With almost every new country comes a new language or variation of a language. Pick up a few useful or cultural phrases everywhere you go, and you’ll find they’re the best and longest lasting souvenirs you can possibly collect. Discover the dialectal differences between Catalan and Valencian; the semantic differences between mainland Spain and Latin America; Welsh words where the exact meaning simply can’t be expressed in the words of the English language, for instance the essence of the word cwtch (a special kind of hug).

3. You Widen Your Circle Of Friends

Most of you have probably made some of your best friends during your time at university. Imagine making those friendships in foreign places with people from all over the world. You might be neighbours in Paris; colleagues in Venice; fellow party-goers in Greece; in the same language exchange group in China; the same exercise class in Miami. There are endless opportunities to meet people whilst travelling (not to mention the infinite possibilities of “holiday romances”…) – you’ll soon get bored of returning home to the same people who’ve never ventured outside of your town…

6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

4. The Food!

One of the best aspects of travelling is of course the diverse array of cuisines you’ll sample in countless unique settings. Us Brits may initially miss our Sunday roast dinners at the pub and our greasy fish and chips on a Friday night, but they are quickly forgotten and replaced with newfound local favourites, Murcian “migas” (traditionally eaten when it rains) being mine. With every new city there’s something new and exciting waiting for you on the menu. The likelihood is that you haven’t even tasted your favourite food yet!

6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

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5. You Become An Expert Problem-Solver

Whether you travel alone, with your friends, your partner or your family, you’re forced to solve all sorts of cultural puzzles and look for different ways around language barriers. Navigating around a new city can be difficult and having the confidence to ask for help and advice is key. Facing these challenging situations with friends, family and your other half brings you closer together and makes you work as a team, whilst facing them alone increases your self-awareness and independence. Who knew travelling could gift you with so many invaluable life skills?

6. It’s Addictive!

Even if you did want to get rid of the travel bug, you can’t! You’re stuck with it bubbling away inside you. You’ve seen too much of the world to not feel the burning desire to see the rest. It’s the healthiest possible addiction to have and rehab is resting peacefully in heaven, reliving all those beautiful memories. But until then, take joy in spreading the travel bug as it’s definitely a contagious one!

6 Reasons Why Travel Is The One Bug You Don’t Want To Get Rid Of

Have you caught the travel bug? Tell us your favourite destination so far! Comment below with your experiences!
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